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Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametLists of consumers with medical ailments and their prescription medications collected through extensive mail ... Back Pain Ailment Mailing List This includes the Ailment Sufferers list and our targeted Medical Mailing Lists. This data is compiled from responses to on-line and off-line surveys as well as Ailment Mailing Lists: ACNE; ADHD/ADD; ALLERGIES; ALZHEIMERS; ANXIETY; ARTERIOSCLEROSIS; ARTHRITIS; ASTHMA; ATHLETES FOOT; BACK PAIN . Ailment Database - All Ailments Mailing List data card - counts, pricing, target market description, price quotes, and ordering for direct marketing campaigns. Ailment targeted mailing lists from ProMarketing Leads cover a significant range of high producing niche selects, including some the following examples: Acid Reflux Sufferers List. Balding List. Bladder Control Problem List. Acne List. Back Pain Sufferers List. Cancer. Depression Sufferers List. BB Direct's Ailment Mailing List includes ailments, as well as prescription and over-the-counter drugs taken by consumers nationwide. Our Ailment and Rx . Email and Mailing Lists. Request a Quote. Targeting Prospects with a Specific Medical Ailment Made Easy. Healthcare is the number one issue American . Ailment Sufferers, Medical Conditions & Medication Users Mailing Lists. Woman holding her head in pain. Overview: Datamasters Offers a Brand . Our ailment lists are capable of reaching over ailment sufferers, selectable by type of ailment and/or prescription medications. Our ailment mailing list is the perfect resource for any marketer who is looking to provide support to individuals suffering from a variety of ailments.Call a member .