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Instagram will release paid descriptions: What does it mean for your brand?

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Instagram will release paid descriptions: What does it mean for your brand?

Instagram has just patented a new function that would allow it to monetize one of the spaces of its service little used in this regard. Even when other social networks have managed to establish themselves as a benchmark in the world of social networks, the truth is that Instagram remains one of the most important platforms within the marketing plans of brands. This aspect is easy to measure when you recognize the figures that revolve around influencer marketing actions. A study signed by Instascreener, which indicates that spending on these South-Korea Mobile Database strategies grew by 83 percent between 2018 and 2019. Only on Instagram, North American brands allocated 314 million dollars to this discipline. This trend makes sense when you consider that 70 percent of purchasing decisions among consumers are driven by the recommendations of people they consider to be their peers, according to a recent study by Collective Bias. With these figures, it is not surprising that the growth projections for Instagram are especially high.

Estimates provided by Statista indicate that by the end of 2020, the social network owned by Facebook generates advertising revenues that will reach 22 billion dollars.The number takes a more interesting reading if you consider that it is 16 billion more than what it registered during 2018. In this sense, it is obvious what happens with Stories, a format that, in addition to having a special place in the habits of subscribers to the social network, is already an interesting source of income. Speaking in a particular way about what happens with this content Brother Cell Phone List format, we have that data provided by the social network itself indicates that 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day, with which it is estimated that this format is due to advertising. of content could generate more than 2 billion dollars according to data from Nomura. Although these figures are staggering, the truth is that the platform owned by Facebook does not seem to want to miss any opportunity to generate business, and in this sense, the social network of filters has just patented a new function that would allow it to monetize one of the spaces of its service little used in this sense.

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According to what is read in the patent, users will be able to pay to activate links in the descriptions. The cost to activate this function, according to the aforementioned document, would be two dollars per activation. With this payment, anyone could access the link without having to copy it and pay for it in the search engine. Although the social network has demonstrated its effectiveness in boosting the sales of brands in suits of audiovisual content, the truth is that now it has a weak point related to the impossibility of placing links so that whoever sees the content can click and access the product directly . This function is only available for advertisements, which excludes “normal” publications from having this valuable sales tool. At the moment, both the prices and operation of the tool are tentative, although it is true that it would be a resource in which brands and influencers would be especially interested.

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