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#LadyNetflix becomes a trend in networks: Political promotion on the platform?

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#LadyNetflix becomes a trend in networks: Political promotion on the platform?

The hashtag #LadyNetflix has become one of the first trends in social networks, where criticism has not been long in coming. In recent days, Netflix they assured that advertising will never reach their platform (at least in the most convenient way); However, today the hashtag #LadyNetflix has questioned this premise. Netflix has repeatedly stated that it has no short-term or long-term plans to introduce advertising on its service. So said the Senegal Mobile Database company’s co-CEO, Reed Hastings, who has defended the platform’s business model and now adds that this is not ‘a a rule’, it is simply ‘the best capitalism’.That was her answer to the explicit question during an interview with Variety on the occasion of her latest book, No Rules Rules. In the talk, the executive made more arguments about why Netflix does not have advertising or marketing.“It is definitely not a rule. It is a matter of judgment… It is the belief that we can build a better business, a more valuable business (without advertising). You know, advertising seems easy until you get into it.

Then you realize that you have to take that income from other places because the total advertising market is not growing and, in fact, right now it is shrinking. “However, now the hashtag #LadyNetflix has cast doubt on this premise at least in the eyes of users. The peculiar hashtag gained relevance during the afternoon of this Monday after several users assured that the original Netflix production, Daddy Wanted, will function as a promotional platform for María Teresa Jiménez Esquivel, mayor of Aguascalientes, who according to local Brother Cell Phone List media he would be looking to run for the National Action Party to the government of that entity during the elections of the following year. Directed by Javier Colinas, Wanted Dad tells the story of a teenager who wants to become a professional cyclist but lacks the support of her mother. Not having this support, the protagonist decides to look for an actor to impersonate her father to be able to register for a cycling contest. During the 88th minute of this film, Mayor Jiménez Esquivel appears, who is shown opening an event with various takes and cameos directed at her person.

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All this makes more sense when the production credits show the logo of the municipal government of Aguascalientes, which many have taken as a “sponsorship” of the film that functioned as a promotion for politics.In this way, hundreds of users have demanded that the moment that the state government has invested in “the debut” of the mayor be revealed, an aspect that has been reinforced with a video in which they talk about the deficiencies of the state. With this in mind the hashtag, #LadyNetflix has become one of the first trends in social networks, where criticism of politics has not been long in coming, considering that the alleged promotional movement, although cunning, is a lack of respect to the citizens. Although it is highly probable that the state has not paid a peso for this appearance and that the logos and mentions in the credits are part of the support for the filming that the administration gave, what is obvious is the appearance of the mayor without apparent justification in the plot, a fact that has not been clarified either by the platform or by state authorities.

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