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Social media tactics to improve your marketing strategy for the holiday season

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Social media tactics to improve your marketing strategy for the holiday season

Learn about a series of actions in social networks that will help your marketing strategy for Christmas have a better performance. The holiday season represents up to 20 percent of annual retail revenue. These actions on social networks can help improve the numbers of the season’s campaigns. Read: Christmas holidays, lifesavers for brands? The Christmas season is one that year after year is key for retail and many other businesses, for example, in markets such as North America, according to the NRF, this time represents up to 20 percent of the annual income of the sector on an annual basis. For this year, although no one expected a pandemic that has affected the economy, there is also the expectation that businesses may see a boost, and therefore South-Africa Mobile Database it is important to prepare and add the elements to improve results. On this occasion, thinking about the contributions that social networks and the digital section can provide, we highlight some tactics that can be helpful for the marketing strategies of the Christmas season. According to Ignite Social Media, here are some social media tactics you should consider to boost your marketing strategy for the Christmas season: As a first consideration, it should be taken into account how the costs of CPM campaigns on social networks increase during the season, according to the source these can reach up to 6 dollars, which is 15 percent higher than the regular cost during the season.

The rest of the year. To avoid falling into this problem, it is advisable to start with the ads earlier. However, since many other firms can follow this action, it is ideal to also consider exiting the learning phase of ads on platforms such as Facebook, once you get out of there, you will start to earn more efficient costs. On the other hand, another element to consider is where you plan to spend those media resources and how much for each channel. Ideally, you should avoid assigning the same budgets to all channels. Instead, you have to focus on those channels where the target audience is known to be in order not to lose money on channels where the target will not see the ads. Finally, as an additional recommendation in this first tactic, it is Brother Cell Phone List important to optimize the ads for mobile devices, thus improving the chances of attracting attention and that people stop to convert and buy the offer that is launched.Given the current state of the economy, it is noteworthy that consumers have become more price-conscious. Due to this, it is important that the brand’s messages, as well as the visual elements, reflect this change, which is different from what was contemplated in past years. As the source shares, approximately 40 percent of people will celebrate on a budget this year, said 40 percent is a large percentage of the consumer audience. In addition, a third of that group indicates that they will wait for products that are on sale, with a discount or some sale before considering buying them. The above indicates that people are investigating and when generating purchases they will seek to ensure that they are finding the best value for the money they are willing to invest.

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To help brands connect with these consumers, it is necessary to consider actions such as placing messages based on prices and availability at the forefront of communication on social networks. As the source shares, including the price, either in the copy or subtly in the image, helps with the conversion because people know what to expect from the price instead of clicking and going down due to the high rates. In relation to the messages with which the audience can be identified, it is advisable to highlight aspects or messages about charitable or retribution actions. Elements such as shipping speed, delivery dates, and customer support should also be taken into account, as well as convenient, contact-free options and secure shopping experiences that exist. Given the current state of the world, it can be assumed that the main purchase window will be the one that works via the internet this year. According to the source, 22 percent of people are more interested in buying via social networks, while 23 percent show less interest in generating purchases at points of sale or stores. With that in mind, brands can leverage shopping features from social media to give themselves a boost. Currently, those who dominate this segment are Facebook and Instagram with their purchase labels available to brands or advertisers from which the process of purchase can already be generated directly from the app without redirects to other sites. In addition, there is already the option to integrate third-party apps, such as Shopify, although the latter is still limited for brands.

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