13 Effective Marketing Strategies for Dental Clinics

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13 Effective Marketing Strategies for Dental Clinics

Hello dentist!

Would you like to attract more clients to your dental clinic?

There are really effective dental clinic marketing strategies to constantly get new clients.

Not only because you have a clinic in a good location, clients will automatically reach you.

You need a system that attracts new patients, that turns them into clients and these into recurring clients.

Today I am going to tell you about different dental marketing strategies to achieve just that.

More and better customers.

You can use many of the techniques that we are going to see to promote a local business and get more clients 白俄罗斯电话号码表.

You just have to know how to adapt them to each business.

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Table of Contents
7 Marketing Strategies for Effective Dental Clinics
Marketing strategies for offline dental clinics
Advice for your dental marketing campaign to be effective
7 Marketing Strategies for Effective Dental Clinics
Regardless of what your business is, marketing actions should be aimed at :

Increase the number of clients.
Increase the average value of each customer.
Increase the frequency of purchase of each client.
Transferred to a dental clinic, you have to design a sales funnel that allows :

Attract new patients.
Increase the average value of each patience.
Reduce the time it takes for a patient to return to the clinic.

1) Marketing strategy for dental clinics: Use a Lead Magnet
You need a system that turns strangers into customers.

To do this, it is important that you understand the different TOFU, MOFU and BOFU stages that a person goes through from the moment they meet you until they become a patient.

One of the most effective techniques for attracting new clients to a dental clinic is to use lead magnet.

An LM is free content that we will use to attract people interested in our services.
But not just any one.

You need one that is fully aligned with your business and that allows you to scale your income.

In this post I will tell you the most effective types of lead magnets that you can use,

That is why it is important that you understand the concept of the value ladder 优酷用户.

Dental clinic sales funnel
Funnel Marketing Formula Book
The ladder of value is a term I learned from Russel Brunson.

The concept is simple.

As the value you offer to the customer increases, the more the price increases.

In this way, a system is achieved that allows:

Attract new patients.
Increase the average value of each of them.
Increase the frequency of consumption.
The lead magnets for a dental clinic must have a double objective:

Attract new patients.
Build loyalty with current customers.
The most effective are usually:

Free review.
Free oral cleaning.
Both lead magnets can serve both to attract and retain loyalty.

➡ Example Lead Magnet dental clinic
To make it clearer, look at how dental clinics use this digital marketing strategy.

Example lead magnet dental clinic

The mission of the lead magnet of a dental clinic is the following.

That potential clients know the facilities and the personnel that will attend to them.

The ultimate goal is to increase consumer confidence and show them that you are the best clinic that can serve them.

In addition, by giving them value for free, they will feel an “obligation” to return the favor.

This is known as the principle of reciprocity. .

That is why it is also important that the waiting time until they are seen is a positive experience.

At the end of the article I will tell you how to improve the patient experience while waiting to be seen.

2) Invest in advertising on Facebook and Instagram Ads
If you want to attract clients to your dental clinic through a Lead Magnet, you need gasoline .

Your gasoline is going to be advertising on social networks .

One of the keys to making dental marketing campaigns work is local targeting .

As patients, one of the things we look at when choosing a clinic is its location.

What did I mean by that?

If you have a limited budget to invest in Facebook Ad s , it is better to optimize it

You have to reach the people who may be most interested in your services.

The good thing about Facebook and Instagram is that we can segment locally.

segmentation facebook ads dental clinic

Geographically, we have four options available:

All the people in this place.
People who live in this place.
People who were recently in this place.
Visiting people in this place.
But also, and here comes the important thing .

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We can segment Facebook Ads by:

Zip codes.
Exclude specific areas.
This is very interesting for a local business.

But what types of ads do you make?

In a first stage, ads to get leads.

Remember that before we have seen different types of lead magnet that we can use.

The advertising on Facebook will be the gasoline we use to reach more people.

Look at this example.

Example ad facebook ads dental clinic

Although the copy can be improved, keep the idea.

They are advertising to people who do not know them (cold traffic) to get the lead .

In exchange they offer a FREE dental cleaning.

Depending on the phase your client is in, you will have to show them one type of ad or another.

3) Remarketing ads
What if I told you that 90% of your visits can leave your website without taking any action?

It is useless if they visit our page if we do not achieve our goal.

It is likely that a person needs more than one impact to carry out the desired action.

This is where remarketing ads in Facebook Ads come into play .

Remarketing works as follows:


To do this, you will have to create custom audiences of people who have visited your landing but have not registered.

It is important to use a copy that indicates that we already know they have seen the offer, but have not taken action.

This, coupled with words of urgency and scarcity, can be really effective.

4) Advertising in Google Ads
When you Google “dental clinic + location” I’m sure the first thing that appears are payment results.

SEO takes time to get results.

With advertising you can get immediate results.

The best thing about Google Ads for dental clinics is that you will be bidding on transactional searches.

That is, it is not the same as someone who searches Google for “tips for brushing teeth.”

An informative search.

Have someone look directly for a dental clinic or a specific treatment.

Who does this type of search is because it really is closer to the bottom of the sales funnel.

Google Ads recommendations for dental clinics:

➡ Do a keyword study.
You have to find out which are the words you should bid on and which are the ones that can give you the best return.

➡ Analyze the keywords your competition is bidding on.
We can use tools such as SEMrush that allow us to know this type of information.

Check out this screenshot.

Google Ads Dental Clinic

You can find out:

Words your competition is bidding for, their volume and position.
Graph to know the periods of greatest investment.
The main competitors for those keywords.
The text of the ads.
The landing pages.
➡ Optimize your landing pages
If you want your ads to be of quality, the landing page has to be fully optimized.

User experience is one of the factors that Google uses to determine the position of an ad.

Make sure your landing loads fast and that it has a single objective.


This landing looks at how the call to action is clear and also, free whitening appears below the lead magnet.

In summary, if you want quick results, I recommend investing in this marketing technique for dental clinics.

5) Local SEO
Let’s do a test.

Google “dental clinic + location.”

Bypassing the Google Ads ads.

What is the first thing that appears to you?

Whether you are searching from PC or mobile, the Google Map will appear with the first results.

SEO Local Dental Clinic

That is why it is so important that your website for search engines.

Some factors that you have to take into account to work the Local SEO of your dental clinic :

➡ Optimize your Google My Business listing.
One of the most powerful local SEO tools is Google My Business.

Having the description of your business fully optimized is essential.

To do this, you have to complete:

The category of your business.
The main phone number.
Description of the business.
Hours of operation.
The direction.
The reviews part.
➡ Get local links
When it comes to getting links for a project it is not only important that it is from authoritative pages.

The origin of those pages is also relevant.

I explain.

If you have a dental clinic in Valencia, wouldn’t it be interesting to get links from newspapers, magazines, etc. local?

Look at the following example.


This clinic is getting links from authority sites and also some of them are from Valencia websites.

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I do not believe it.

➡ Boost reviews
The social proof is something that affects us directly in our purchasing decisions.

We are like a flock of sheep, where one goes, the rest goes.

Here it is where come into play reviews .

When we go to buy a product or hire a service, first we want to know the opinions of other people.

They give us confidence and security in our decision.

In fact, you just have to look at these Brightlocal statistics:

86% of consumers read reviews of local businesses.
Consumers typically read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a business.
57% of people will only use a business if it has 4 stars or higher.
In short, Local SEO works.

6) Email Marketing
Few clinics take advantage of email marketing within their dental marketing strategy.

The truth is that it surprises me.

Even more so when it is one of the techniques that achieve the highest ROI (return on investment).

According to Hubspot, email generates € 38 for every € 1 invested .

But you don’t just have to see email as a way to earn money.

Rather, a way to keep in touch with your customers .

If you keep in touch with them, they will have you positioned in their mind as the clinic they have to go to.

This equates to bookings, sales, and an increase in revenue.

Not just any type of mail.

Your customers don’t care about your products, your corporate news.

It’s okay to use emails to:

Appointment reminders.
Reminders to inform future revisions. “It’s time to…”
But above all, they have to be educational, informative and entertaining content .

Examples of emails that can be effective:

Dental hygiene tips.
Customer stories.
Birthday greetings with offers.
Happy New Year.
Mother’s or father’s day.
Valentine’s Day.
Semiannual review.
The combination of advertising campaigns on social networks, together with email marketing can be really effective.

7) Influencer Marketing
According to the IAB Social Media Study, 85% of people follow influencers on social media .

The most prominent themes on Instagram are: healthy, beauty, food, fashion and travel (Influencity)

Areas that may be related to a dental clinic.

To make matters worse, 83% of people trust the recommendations of friends and family to make decisions.

66% in the options of other consumers .

This is where influencer marketing comes in .

See how this clinic carries out these types of campaigns:


You don’t need to hire a celebrity to do these kinds of actions.

Campaigns with micro influencers can even be more effective by being a more qualified audience.

Take a look at how the Asensio Dental Clinic attracts influencers:


They offer a 50% discount if you are a blogger, instagramer or youtuber.

To do this, they only have to fill in their information and mention their Instagram account so that the clinic can evaluate it.

I recommend you integrate this strategy into the Social Media Plan of your dental clinic if you want to achieve:

As you can see, you do not have to make large investments, you can reach certain collaboration agreements.

8) Referral program
Have you considered using your current clients to get new clients?

Word of mouth is and will continue to be one of the techniques to get more effective customers.

When my mother had to take me to the dentist for the first time, who do you think she asked for references?

To the other mothers in my group of friends.

It is free advertising for your dental clinic.

That is why it is so important that customers leave happy and content with your service.

You need positive experiences.

Creating an incentive-based program can help you get new customers.

This is what the Asensio Dental Clinic does.

dental clinic referral program

Share 2%

This option is focused on both current customers and potential customers who want to get a discount.

Comment 5%

In this case, it is aimed at its current patients with the aim of enhancing the clinic’s reviews.

Everything is based on the classic principle “to receive, you must first give.”

You have to offer attractive incentives and bonuses.

The idea is very simple.

If you have a happy client who recommends your clinic to a friend of his and becomes a client, your client will receive a bonus such as a discount or dental product.
In this way, we not only attract new customers, but we also retain existing ones .

You could do the same with employees.

An internal referral program in which the worker earns a commission for each new patient.

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Marketing strategies for offline dental clinics
1) The waiting time
We are not going to fool ourselves, waiting for them to attend us is one of the things we hate the most .

It does not matter what type of business we are talking about.

We hate waiting for a waiter to serve us, we hate standing in long lines at a supermarket, etc.

We are impatient by nature and this can work against us or in our favor.

How can we make this work in our favor?

Improving the customer experience from entering the clinic to walking out the door.

More than one query is likely to take longer than expected.

We have to anticipate this and ensure that it does not negatively influence the opinion of the next patient.

To do this, some of the things that you can integrate into your dental clinic are:

Children area.
Coffee shop.
Free parking.
Free WIFI.
2) Financing
One of the reasons why a large number of people do not go to the dentist is because they cannot afford the financial cost of operations.

How about we remove those objections?

A good way is to offer them flexible financing .

If we remove this mental barrier, we will be closer to becoming customers.

3) Customer recovery
It is just as important to get new customers, to keep the current ones and above all, to recover the lost ones.

For this, it will be necessary that you have a CRM in which you take into account the reviews and operations of each client.

If one of them has been above average for a while without going to any review, it is likely that you have lost it.

In these cases, you can use whitening or free consultations as lead magnet again .

While the ways to communicate with them can be: Email Marketing, WhatsApp Business and Social Ads.

4) Events or Workshops
I remember that when I was little, several dentists came to do a workshop at school.

What really interested me at that time was to skip class hours, we are not going to fool ourselves.

But if you think about it from a business point of view, it can be a good way to get clients (parents).

The workshop was on how to properly wash and rinse your teeth. Among other things that I no longer remember.

But the interesting thing is that both I and other colleagues told our family that that day we were going to have that workshop.

When I returned home they asked me how it had gone, and what did I have?

Corporate material of the company that he had given us and a paper with a free revision for me.

Do you see the potential of this type of initiative?

5) Direct mail
It may be one of the more traditional practices, but it is still effective if done strategically.

If you remember, at the beginning of the article I told you that one of the keys to dental marketing es hacer acciones locales.

What is more local than the mailbox in the areas where you are most interested?

Now, not just any type of advertising will do.

Ideally, you should also include the lead magnet that we talked about at the beginning.

Y además, incluyas la página de destino que deben de visitar para poder tener esa sesión gratuita.

De esta forma, visitarán tu página web y reservarán cita.

Mientras que a las personas que visiten la web pero no reserven le haremos una campaña de remarketing.

Consejo para que tu campaña de marketing dental sea efectiva
Durante el artículo hemos visto diferentes tipos de estrategias de marketing para clínicas dentales.

No tienes por qué llevar a cabo todas de golpe.

Lo primero es pensar de cuántos recursos dispones para poder poner en marcha el plan de marketing digital de tu clínica dental.

Ahora bien, hay una cosa que no hemos mencionado hasta ahora.

La medición.

Tienes que conocer cuáles son las campañas más rentables para tu negocio.

De esa forma sabrás dónde tienes que centrar tus esfuerzos de marketing.

Algunos indicadores o KPIs que te recomiendo monitorizar de forma semanal son:

Nº de clientes potenciales.
Tasa de conversión del cliente potencial a cita.
Porcentaje de citas que se convierten en clientes.
Coste adquisición paciente (CAC)
Nº de citas canceladas.
Ingresos medios por paciente (LTV)
Porcentaje de pacientes recuperados.
Lo ideal sería poder analizar estos datos por canales.

De esta forma conocerás el estado de salud de tu clínica.

Espero que que ahora tengas más claro cómo aplicar estrategias de marketing para clínicas dentales.

Si tienes cualquier duda, nos vemos en los comentarios

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