27 Examples of Good Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads That Work

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27 Examples of Good Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads That Work

If you are searching Google for ” examples of Facebook and Instagram Ads ads ” you probably don’t know what type of ad to make.

You are probably wondering:

What images to use?

Photos with or without people?

What text do you write?

What colors to use?

You will have these doubts and many more. This is why you are looking for ads to find inspiration.

It happens to me too.

That’s why whenever an ad catches my attention, I take a “screenshot” and keep it to myself.

Today I want to show you several of those 贝宁电话号码列表.

But also, at the end of the article I will tell you how to look for good examples of ads on Facebook and Instagram Ads so that you never run out of ideas.

And remember, if you have trouble making effective ads, I recommend hiring a trafficker who does it professionally.

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Table of Contents
Why is it so important to create good ads on Facebook and Instagram Ads
Examples of Facebook Ads
➡ Examples of Facebook ads to get visits
➡ Examples of Facebook ads to get leads
➡ Examples of Facebook remarketing ads
➡ Example of an ad on Facebook to sell
➡ Examples of offer ads on Facebook
➡ Carousel Facebook Ads Examples
Examples of Ads on Instagram
➡ Examples of ads on Instagram to get followers
➡ Example of an ad on Instagram Stories to get leads
➡ Instagram remarketing ad example
➡ Examples of ads on Instagram Stories to sell
➡ Carousel Instagram Ads Examples
➡ Example of A / B Test on Instagram
➡ Examples of video nuggets ads
Other examples of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
➡ Example of ad with local copy
➡ Examples of ads with copy to a specific audience
How to find examples of Instagram and Facebook Ads ads

Why is it so important to create good ads on Facebook and Instagram Ads
Before I show you different examples of Facebook ads, I want you to understand why it is so important that you take the time to create them.

We can spend a lot of time designing strategies, thinking about what segmentation to use, that if the ads are not attracting attention you will be losing money.

Images are responsible for 75-90% of the performance of an ad.

In fact, it is one of the factors that determine the price of Facebook ads .

And I’m not saying it, but Facebook itself says it:

Images are the first thing people will notice about your post.

So take the time to choose and curate the images you put there.

Stay with this phrase, because when we see an ad the first thing we look at is the image and the copy it has.

Look at this structure in order of importance:

Facebook Ads Structure

The most important elements of a Facebook ad are:

The image or video.
The text of the image or video.
The owner.
The text.
The description.
We are going to see different examples to know how to optimize each of these elements.

Examples of Facebook Ads
The advertising on Facebook is still one of the most effective ways to increase visibility, leads and sales of a project 优酷用户.

There are 2,271 million people who are registered in this social network.

Creating effective ads on Facebook is essential if we want to achieve results.

We are going to see different examples.

➡ Examples of Facebook ads to get visits
Depending on the strategy you are going to carry out, you may need to show previous educational content at first .

Knowing the levels of consciousness of your ideal client will help you to know how to raise the copy of your ads.

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Example 1

Formula: Target audience situation + Problem + Solution
➡ Examples of Facebook ads to get leads
Facebook can be a very powerful tool to get leads and transform them into sales.

There are different copywriting techniques for Facebook Ads that are really effective to write the text of the ads.

Let’s see some examples of ads that I consider really effective and why they are.

Example 2
Examples of Facebook Ads ads

This ad is a clear example of how to use the AIDA formula in ad copy .

The acronym AIDA stands for:

What I like about this ad is how it combines this technique with another formula.

The formula: Proposal + Target audience + Problem + Desire + Action
Let’s break down the ad:

Proposal : The use of capital letters and that it is LIVE draws attention.
Target audience : Using “you are …” makes the person who is so taken for granted and draws their interest.
Problem : “You don’t know” refers to a problem that your target audience may have.
Wish : “Would you like” reflects a desired situation.
Image : A smiling person is shown to attract attention. The hands refer to the action you want people to take and use «Limited Places! gives scarcity.
Headline : Use a very clear call to action and emojis pointing to the button.
Description : FREE is still one of the most powerful words in copy.
Symbols and emojis: Throughout the text, use symbols and emojis to facilitate reading.
As you can see, a very complete ad.

Example 3
Examples of good Facebook Ads ads

Formula: Problem + Solution
Problem : Clear message and in capital letters.
Solution : Use actionable verbs like “Download”, “Discover” and the famous word “FREE”.
Image : Affirmative question and fake button with CTA.
Headline: Value proposition with what you will get if you download the guide.
Example 4
Example effective ad Facebook ads

Formula: [Once you attend / download / watch / read / discover] + [content] + [you will discover / get] + [benefit]

Formula 2: [Don’t go back to] + [Pain point]

Text : Reflects the main benefit that the person will get from taking a certain action.
Keywords : Free, you will discover
Headline : Question to connect
Image : person smiling and looking at the copy of the image with a falsified button and color contrasts.
Announcement 5

Formula: Question + Pain Point + Solution
Long copy or short copy?

That may be one of the questions that come up when writing your ads.

In this case, look at this example.

A short copy with a direct question:

“Do you know the future value of your current customers?”

Your answer is probably no. For this reason, afterwards it offers you free templates to calculate it.

Example 6

Formula: Use facts, figures or quotes that catch the potential customer’s attention.
Text: The goal of the first few lines is to get the person’s attention, and a good way is to use facts, figures or quotes that attract attention.

Image: Color contrasts attract attention and the copy reflects in a simple way what the person is going to achieve.

➡ Examples of Facebook remarketing ads
Example 7
Example effective ad Facebook Ads

Formula: [Last hours / days / places (urgency)] + [Why are you seeing the ad]
Text: Emojis + Urgency «Last hours», «very little time for …»
Image: Smiling person + Value proposition
Headline: Urgency + Proposal
Example 8

Example Facebook ad before and after

Before and after: This technique can be very effective in making the brain imagine what it would be like in the situation.

(Beware of Facebook policies)

Text: Begins with the phrase “Thanks for visiting Interest Explorer!” making it clear that you have seen their website.

Keep saying:

“We have analyzed alternative tools of interest and we know with certainty that we have created the best that exists.

The best price.

But don’t take our word for it.

This is what some of our users say »

Although it does not say names of other competitors, it already says that they are the best tool and at the least price .

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But the phrase that strikes me the most is when he says ” don’t take our word for it ” and adds testimonials from clients and their companies.

More credibility.

Headline: It’s straightforward, with the price and emoji towards the call to action.

Description : Eliminate potential objections with a 30-day guarantee to reduce investment risk.

➡ Example of an ad on Facebook to sell
Example 9


Formula: [Can you imagine] + [Benefit / Ideal situation]
Text: “Can you imagine” questions usually attract attention and make you want to continue reading the next sentence (objective of the first lines).
Words are used to increase urgency such as “only for a few hours.”
Emojis : The clock emoji is used to reinforce urgency.
Image: Striking color that contrasts with the Facebook wall.
holder: Discount you get and what is the final price. When the price is low it may be good practice to show it.
Example 10

The social proof is another technique widely used copy.

If more than 8,000 people have already consumed those audios, it will be for something, right?

The fact of adding exclusive offer gives the feeling of scarcity.

The price is an impulsive purchase .

➡ Examples of offer ads on Facebook
One of the strategies to sell on Facebook can be to create product offers that have discounts.

This is a widely used practice in sales periods as you can see in the following example.

Example 11

➡ Carousel Facebook Ads Examples
Example 12
Facebook carousel ad example

The use of carousel ads is very varied, in fact at the end of I will count different uses that you can give it.

In this case, it is used to tell testimonials of success stories .

Examples of Ads on Instagram
The advertising Instagram is one of the biggest bets of brands.

There are 1,000 million users on Instagram today. 25% more than last year.

And not only that, the average time each person spends on Instagram is increasing.

We are going to see different examples of effective Instagram ads.

➡ Examples of ads on Instagram to get followers
One of the keys to getting followers on Instagram by advertising is in the public to whom you show the ads.

If you advertise to people who do not know you at all, it will be difficult for your ads to be effective.

You will have to show it to people with whom you already have some kind of relationship.

Example 13 and 14
how to get followers on instagram

Look at the copy of both ads:

“Hello! You already know my work in monetized … »

He is already telling you that he knows that you have visited his website, you are his subscriber or his customer.

The key, therefore, is also to personalize the ad copy .

➡ Example of an ad on Instagram Stories to get leads
Through Instagram Stories you can get leads at a fairly low price compared to other locations.

What you have to notice is that many use a predefined type of structure.

Example 15 and 16
Instagram Stories ad examples

This estructure is the next one:

[Proposal] or [Proposal + How to get X]
Person smiling and looking.
How to get X
The third step “How to get X”, if you have an excess of text you can add it at the beginning of the ad as in the second image.

➡ Instagram remarketing ad example
Example 17
Instagram remarketing ads examples

➡ Examples of ads on Instagram Stories to sell
When creating advertising ads on social networks to sell we have to try to use a copy of urgency and scarcity .

If you give a person the opportunity to postpone the purchase and leave it for another time, you will most likely miss an opportunity.

Example 18 and 19
Instagram Stories Ads

Use symbols in images can help people associate a brand with the meaning of the symbol.

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In this case, the use of the clock symbol helps to enhance the urgency “last warning” message.

➡ Carousel Instagram Ads Examples
Instagram carousel ads allow 2-10 images or videos in one ad.

But the most interesting thing is that each one of them has its own external link .

Example 20
Instagram carousel ad example

The uses that can be given are different but the most common are:

Offers of certain products. It is widely used in online stores and in sales periods.
Show information about different functionalities, view angles, characteristics of a product.
Present a new collection of products or clothing.
Events. Presenting the speakers or participants of different events.
Testimonials Making known the opinions or testimonials of clients.
Tell a story about the brand, about the creation process or about the benefits.
As you can see, endless possibilities.

➡ Example of A / B Test on Instagram
Example 21 and 22
Test AB Instagram ad example

➡ Examples of video nuggets ads
Video nuggets are a strategy that is increasingly being seen more on Facebook and Instagram.

It is based on organically posting square- shaped videos with an eye-catching headline and arousing curiosity accompanied by subtitles.

Example 23 and 24
Video nuggets ads examples

Now, these videos have to have specific characteristics.

For example, the duration time has to be between 1-3 minutes .

In addition, they serve to create personalized audiences with people who are really interested in your message.

Other examples of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
➡ Example of ad with local copy
If we want our ads to be effective, we have to attract attention.

A good technique is to adapt the copy according to the geographical location where we want to impact.

Example 25

The truth is that this ad made me very funny because of the copy it used.

I put you in context.

I am from Valencia (Spain) and here it is very common to use the words «tete», «tio», «terreta»

What has KCF done?

Use these words in the copy to advertise a new location in Valencia.

➡ Examples of ads with copy to a specific audience
It is not the same to say:

“Do you have a business and would you like to have more clients?”

What to say:

“Do you have a dental clinic and you don’t know how to get more clients constantly and through a predictable system?”

The first is a much more general copy. Something that people are more used to.

The second is a copy more focused on a specific sector or business. It will attract more attention.

Example 26 and 27

See how this ad fulfills that mission.

Do you have a sports center and want to attract new members every month?

In addition, it is accompanied by emojis related to the sector.

How to find examples of Instagram and Facebook Ads ads
If you are looking for examples of Facebook ads from other sectors you have to use Facebook Ads Library .

You just have to access the address above and look for the Fanpage you want to analyze.

If you have active circulating ads , they will appear for you.


If you notice, I have looked for the Dentix page and these are the active ads that appear to me.

Therefore, it is also a good way to know what type of strategy your competition is carrying out.

Meanwhile, if you want to find out the ads on Instagram of the competition , follow the following steps.

Competitor Instagram Ads

You have to go to the Instagram profile of the brand you want to analyze and click on the top three points.

Then select “Information about this account” and click on “Active ads”.

However, this option is not available for all profiles.

I hope you liked all the examples of ads on Facebook and Instagram and if you have any questions, see you in the comments

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