6 Ways an 03 Phone Number Helped Raise 19m Pounds For Soldier’s Charity

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6 Ways an 03 Phone Number Helped Raise 19m Pounds For Soldier’s Charity

If you an avid reader of The Sun newspaper (or an occasional/secret reader!) you can have perhaps seen its Auction for Heroes charity occasion this month (April 2009).Auction for Heroes pursuits to raise £20m for the Help the Heroes company – a national charity installation to raise cash for injured infantrymen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The tabloid’s fundraiser sold unwanted gadgets from afghanistan phone number its readers on an eBay website online committed to the cause and it also used an 03 smartphone range as its major donation line: 0300 two hundred 1066.At last be counted the public sale had nearly smashed its goal – raising a superb £19m.

afghanistan phone number
afghanistan phone number

Here are 6 ways an 03 cellphone wide variety helped to reap this:

1. 03 phone numbers fee the identical to name as widespread landline numbers even from a cellular telephone (40% of all calls are actually crafted from mobiles). They also are covered in the loose mins supplied via community companies.

2. The public believe 03 numbers due to their obvious call charges. This makes 03 numbers caller pleasant and therefore now not subject to poor exposure.

Three. 0300 numbers (a range of 03 numbers) are exclusively for public bodies and charities.

Four. Like all non-geographic numbers, 03 numbers gave the auction a countrywide presence – meaning The Sun became able to put up one single memorable variety in the course of the United Kingdom – which isn’t place unique.

Five. An 03 quantity donation line could have shrewd name systems introduced to it without difficulty. For example, welcome messages and caller alternatives. E.G. “Welcome to the Auction for Heroes donation line, press 1 to donate, press to for more information about where your donation is going etc.)

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6. 03 telephone numbers can often be less expensive to run if you searching for out the issuer with the maximum competitive presenting in the market.

It’s additionally for these motives that calls to the British Heart Foundation’s 03 Heart Helpline have multiplied through 500% following a recent marketing marketing campaign. Additionally, Comic Relief beat its fundraising file by means of forty% with its new 03 variety attraction line.

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