A Path That Has Already Been Undertaken Through

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A Path That Has Already Been Undertaken Through

The objective is to bet on Ericsson Spectrum Sharing , a platform that allows combining 4G and . 5G simultaneously, giving total coverage to the territories in a profitable way and for. Which it has acquired the Kathrin mobile network antenna and filter company. As digital ad spend grows around the world, so does fraud and its sophistication. According to data from the Israeli cybersecurity firm Cheq. Up to 20% of investment falls victim to network crimes, while 77% of fraud is much more sophisticated than the industry can assume.

Distributors or Streaming Platforms Have Been Complaining

These data come from the analysis of. 4.1 billion ad requests made in the United States through 1.2 million domains between. October 2018 and February 2019 collected by Adweek. But the consequences of this situation not only affect the advertising industry. But should also concern users, collateral victims of fraud. And it is that, in many cases of fraud, the IPs of the users are used to generate false traffic causing Brazil WhatsApp Number List them to download some type of malware that allows them to control the computer of those people. The collaboration of the industry to fight against fraud is today more necessary than ever, at a time when the lack of effective solutions to prevent and end it, damages a system touched and almost sunk by the most lucrative cybercrime in the world.


Streaming Platforms Have Been Complaining

Content providers, distributors or streaming platforms have been complaining for years about illegal streaming of series and movies. But the so-called piracy of movies is not the only thing that generates losses for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu. According to a study by the Cordcutting.com blog , one in five streaming service users uses another user ‘s account illegally. In the case of Netflix, around 24 million users of the service do not pay to watch movies , according to the study. According to this data, the streaming platform loses at least 7.99 dollars per user per month and 192 million dollars per month.

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