Advertising is no longer Facebook’s business, what is the brand betting on now?

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Advertising is no longer Facebook’s business, what is the brand betting on now?

While the latest financial data released by Facebook Inc indicates that the company earned 16.9% more in the third fiscal quarter, the revenue Palau Email Lists structure is rapidly changing and digital advertising is no longer growing as in the past. This explains why Mark Zuckerberg, over the past few months, has decided to shift Palau Email Lists the marketing strategy of the company behind the world’s largest social network towards the construction of what he himself called a “metaverse.”

The advertising business faces “significant uncertainty”, says the Facebook report, where it also warns that Apple’s new privacy changes would affect its digital Palau Email Lists business in the current quarter, as we anticipated in Merca2.0. The company reported quarterly revenues below market expectations, but shares also responded Palau Email Lists satisfactorily, with an increase of 1% during the premarket on Tuesday, October 26.

This happened, according to analysts, because Palau Email Lists changes in the privacy of Apple iPhones were expected to impact the quarter under review. The strengthening of the hardware-centric unit that is working on this idea of ​​Facebook’s “metaverse” comes as the company Palau Email Lists is surrounded by a series of journalistic reports that show Palau Email Lists that the social network chose to continue adding profits over the security of the users.

Zuckerberg began publishing the results Palau Email Lists by defending himself against criticism derived from the documents published by the media. Among other things, he said they showed a “false image of the company.” In recent weeks, the CEO of Facebook has been saying that in the coming years the company will not be seen as a Palau Email Lists social media company, but as one focused on the “metaverse”. The buzzword generally refers to a shared virtual environment that can be accessed by people using different devices.

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For example, Facebook has invested billions Palau Email Lists in virtual reality and augmented reality, as in the company Oculus, through which a set of products to work on the metaverse. In October, he said he estimates to hire 10,000 employees in Europe in the next five Palau Email Lists years to work on this initiative. “In the near future, it will be very profitable,” Zuckerberg said of the metaverse. And he added: “We believe that the metaverse will be the successor to the mobile Internet.”

Shares of Facebook have gained about 19% so far this year, it is just $ 85 billion away from regaining a spot in “the trillion-dollar club” and joining newcomer Tesla. Regarding the number of users, in the third quarter Facebook reported 2.9 million Palau Email Lists monthly accounts, 6% more than a year earlier, although below analysts’ estimates, Reuters reports. This time, Facebook executives focused on saying that the company’s new marketing approach Palau Email Lists aims to contain young adults (millennials) and not so much in adding adolescents or other younger ages.

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