All This Spiral That Happens in the Brain When You Win Something

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All This Spiral That Happens in the Brain When You Win Something

Everyone likes to win , whether it’s the easiest game in the world or the riskiest bet in the online casino . But, do you know what people’s interest in achieving victory is due to? It is not just a personal reason, that we feel good or a matter of pride. But that this fact has a scientific explanation . Then those same neurons light up to assess risk versus reward and to deduce. How the reaction should be to this stimulus. Additionally, the brain links behaviors and rewards to recreate that positive emotion in the future. Therefore, winners are better able to deal with complex situations in which control is necessary. Which makes them the perfect candidates for a leadership position.

Spiral That Happens in the Brain When You Win Something

All this spiral that happens in the brain when you win something, fully impacts all facets of life, and achieves qualities such as self- confidence , intelligence or the ability to fight . Regarding the effect that victory has on the human brain, also known as “ The winning effect” , the neuroscientist Ian Robertson explains in his book “The winner effect: The Science of success and how to use it” that success and the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List environment competitive are transformed in the brain into security and aggressiveness in competitive situations . Furthermore, it results in winners being more likely to win again in the future as they seek to re-experience the feeling of success. Taking this “winning effect” into account, more and more companies are opting to get the most out of their employees by motivating them through rewards.

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That Happens in the Brain When You Win Something

However, we must not forget that the obsession with success can have the opposite effect on people and bring out their most competitive side, so it is essential to find an intermediate point . And for this, it is advisable to experience the winning effect by practicing games, sports, or online betting; savor success and have the ability to project it in the personal and professional facet of each one. Learning to control this feeling and repeating it often will be the key to achieving the maxim: “success breeds more success.  This evolution has led to the new edition of the congress in 2019 bearing the motto “intelligent connectivity”. And it is that, although the devices continue to generate attention, this year 5G has monopolized all the prominence.

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