Another Novelty That It Includes Is the Possibility of Sharing Batteries

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Another Novelty That It Includes Is the Possibility of Sharing Batteries

In the US market we are already beginning to see signs of change thanks to important players such as Amazon, which has marked a before and after in home delivery, first of packages and, later, of food, or Walmart, whose investment in this field and its commitment by partners such as Axle Hire and Doodah have reported online sales growth of almost 40% in 2018. Although more slowly, beauty and personal care is also growing in the online environment thanks to the ease of purchase and efficiency of delivery, whether through intermediaries such as Amazon or the brands themselves, and the proliferation of digital native companies that attract to younger audiences who regularly shop online. Regarding the last category, that of auto parts, a similar dynamic is observed, especially in those products that do not require a mechanic to be installed.

Novelty That It Includes Is the Possibility of Sharing Batteries

For its part, although it hardly seems that cars are going to be sold through the internet, everything will work out, since Tesla is already beginning to break the mold and has all the ballots to transform the sector. Do not miss anything from MarketingDirecto.com and join ozone of the great protagonists of the most international mobile telephony fair, the Mobile World Congress 2019 , has been Samsung. The Korean company presented its two new devices at this event, the Galaxy S10 and the Cambodia WhatsApp Number List Galaxy Fold, which, a few days earlier, it had unveiled in its already traditional Unpacked and that left everyone speechless. The Galaxy S10 captured much of the attention thanks to its commitment to infinity screens (they occupy 93% of the front), the incorporation of a touch fingerprint sensor that moves from the back to the front and a photographic capacity flawless through a telephoto lens and a wide angle (offering up to 123 degrees of view). Another novelty that it includes is the possibility of sharing batteries between phones simply by posing one on top of the other.

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That It Includes Is the Possibility of Sharing Batteries

An innovation that Francisco Hortigüela, director of communication and institutional relations at Samsung Spain , has presented for MarketingDirecto.com. 5G has also been very present at the fair, a network in which Samsung has been working for more than 10 years , which makes it “the leading company in 5G solutions, from the microprocessors to the software that is needed for the transmission of the antennae”. This leadership has allowed the technology company to bring to the Spanish market very quickly terminals that incorporate 5G and that will arrive in the second half of the year. “5G is going to be used to connect machines with machines, which is what is going to allow us to activate the internet of things, smart cities, artificial intelligence, etc.” In addition, Hortigüela points out 3 main advantages of this technology: “It is 100 times faster than 4G; it allows to connect up to 1 million devices per square kilometer and has no delay, something very useful is immediate, for example, for the connected car”.

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