Belinda Becomes The Best Strategy

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Belinda Becomes The Best Strategy

In an event like Tecate Pa’l Norte, one of the ways in which they sought to achieve a great impact is by hiring celebrities to appear advertising, on this occasion the festival had the idea of ​​turning Belinda into a security guard and Cape Verde Email List Although the singer did not perform any musical number, she attended the Parque la Fundadora in Monterrey with the fun task of disturbing the artists.

“I am Itzel and I am going to annoy all the artists who pass through my security area,” says the singer in the first story of 14 that Tecate Pa’l Norte Cape Verde Email List uploaded on her Instagram account. “I am the boss of all, well I have a supervisor but he always listens to me at the end of the day. I take care that no one brings firearms and any type of drug that could affect the visitors of the Tecate Pa’l Norte festival, “says Belinda in a second story.

Kinky gets upset with Tecate Pa’l Norte’s mischief, The drummer, Omar Góngora and the bassist, Cesar Pliego de Kinky were intercepted by Belinda, who made it extremely difficult for them to access the dressing rooms, since they were in a hurry Cape Verde Email List for an interview. Omar Góngora passed through the metal detector again and again following the security protocols that Belinda told him, but his patience began to run out when he repeatedly refused to pass.

When the time came for Cesar Pliego to pass, the entrance was further complicated and in order for the metal detector to stop sounding, Belinda Cape Verde Email List asked him to remove the ballots, to which he annoyingly refused. “You already checked everything, I didn’t bring anything!” Was the exclamation of the Kinky bassist. After the nonconformity of the protocols and Kinky’s anger, Belinda decided to wrap up the role of her by hugging the bassist.

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Betting on the strategy of linking the image of a famous person to your event is a great way to ensure that the target of followers of that Cape Verde Email List person will be aware of it, in the case of Belinda, who fits with the values ​​of the festival, has 14.4 millions of followers and the event only has 274 thousand followers, a great opportunity Cape Verde Email List considering that Belinda tagged the event in her stories.

The Instagram of the festival held in Fundidora Park was also taken by other celebrities such as Beto Pasillas, Eduardo Granja known for his Memelas de Orizaba account.

Using artists to promote a festival is a well-known technique and it is a very smart strategy to expand and make the public associate the brand Cape Verde Email List with the celebrity who advertises the event. With this strategy of Tecate Pa’l Norte there is an effect Cape Verde Email List of humanization and closeness that is interpreted in a very positive way, and increases the quality of the content and its credibility.

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