Brands Drink the Winds for This Short Video Format That Offers

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Brands Drink the Winds for This Short Video Format That Offers

Brands drink the winds for this short video format that offers them great benefits. Although Instagram has been gaining popularity in recent years. Much of its success is due to the short video format. Stories, which not only users have become fond of, but so have brands. Hence, the investment in this format has been increasing significantly, up to 124%. The opportunities offered by Stories are many, but so are the challenges. Being visible in the midst of a wave of content like the one that floods Instagram is difficult, but not impossible. Get to the point Users move through Instagram so quickly that they are able to curate content with just a glance. Between swipe and swipe, they will only stop at those that really catch their attention.

Drink the Winds for This Short Video Format That Offers

For this reason, the brands that want to achieve prominence must take advantage of that microsecond that the user grants them and show the message from the beginning. Cantillon advises approaching the story as an animated poster or a DOOH in which everything that is meant is in the foreground. “That’s not to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List say you can’t develop a narrative, but at every stage, the key messages need to be clear,” he explains. 2. Stay up to date Every week the social network adds new features to the format. Letting your hair down Unlike other social networks where the speech must be somewhat more restrained, in Stories the key to success lies in fun, risk and transgression.

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Winds for This Short Video Format That Offers

It is not necessary to remove this program from your computer, but it is important to try to use the features and tools of the social network, those that the user uses and that fit naturally. In this way, “it will demonstrate not only that it understands the platform, but that it can speak the language of the users.” 5. Facebook is still important Although the “big sister” of Instagram does not enjoy such a good reputation, this platform also offers benefits to brands. Among the updates to Facebook Stories, Cantillon highlights the introduction of call-to-action stickers in Pages that allow you to encourage purchases, show directions or book directly from stories.

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