Client Shows Media And Marks “Sponsors It”

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Client Shows Media And Marks “Sponsors It”

An Oxxo client has boasted of his coffee on Rwanda Email List social networks, the brand has responded by leaving him some coupons and “makes him an influencer”.

Oxxo is a franchise of retail Rwanda Email List stores where we can find different types of products, mainly food and beverages, achieving its effective positioning in the mind of the Mexican consumer on a day-to-day basis. Its positioning strategies Rwanda Email List and its appearance in the appropriate points of sale have led it to have exponential growth, managing to compete even with other large positioned companies. According to the Statista Rwanda Email List study on the retail stores with the highest market share, Bodega Aurrera is dominating in this sector with 17.3 percent in sales, in second place Oxxo with 12.5 percent and in third place Walmart with 12.1 percent.

This due to its numerous Rwanda Email List branches that allow nearby consumers to have access to sweets, basic food basket, alcohol, snacks and even some breakfast with coffee, offering more accessible prices compared to other fast food companies or cafeterias. as is the case Rwanda Email List with Starbucks, who even left their customers “cold” for the price of the bread of the dead.

Consumer shows off his coffee from Oxxo and the brand rewards him
A client has shown his Rwanda Email List from the Andretti brand on social networks, which he mentions that for him it is the best coffee “in the world”, a situation that has led the brand to respond to him and provide him with a couple of Rwanda Email List coupons that he can use on your next visit.

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Rwanda Email List the customer showed off his coffee, which caused a good shopping experience for the user, taking this action in a positive way, as if the brand had sponsored him for being an “influencer”, to which again the brand responded by confirming that assumption.

Despite this, a user in the comments section has mentioned that this is usually something common in their networks, since they also give away coupons in the Oxxo account on Facebook.

The importance of a good shopping experience
On different occasions we have seen various brands that are Rwanda Email List responsible for monitoring consumers who choose to make purchases with them and give their vote of confidence to their products, which directly  Rwanda Email List helps the image of the company so that later they continue to choose for choosing your brand over the others.

In the same way, this example Rwanda Email List shows us the importance of brands being present on social networks, since they can provide a follow-up to consumers Rwanda Email List’ shopping experiences and even further improve customer service, this time, compensating for it.

Following up and offering a good Rwanda Email List shopping experience to the customer will make them feel like they belong to the brand and in this way position ourselves in their minds with a good purchase reference, in addition to the fact Rwanda Email List that they could share their experience with other potential consumers and improve the perception of these before our company.

Social network Rwanda Email Lists can work both for and against brands, however, if we choose to create good shopping experiences for consumers, we have the opportunity for them to share their purchases with other users, putting Rwanda Email List ourselves in the crosshairs of the networks and gaining unpaid publicity, as Rwanda Email List was the case of the woman who opened a beer refrigerator in a Mega store and chose to share with the world what would become a simple but effective publicity.

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