Consumers Are Increasingly in Danger of Being Forced to Depend

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Consumers Are Increasingly in Danger of Being Forced to Depend

It should be about the use of available data. Politicians will have to abandon outdated concepts like cookies and learn to look at something like privacy in a different way. Now that everything seems to revolve around data, another question becomes important. Namely how that data is handled and how it is used by the parties. Because incorrect or too easy use of that data can quickly lead to very undesirable situations. Abuse, manipulation or bubbles can play a major role in this. With digital techniques, such as artificial intelligence and algorithms, companies can quickly build profiles, but based on available data. Fingerprint with magnifying glass zooming in on code. Humans are more than a data set But, humans are more than a dataset.

Fingerprint With Magnifying Glass Zooming in on Code

Yet that is what often happens in online marketing now, and not just in marketing. As mentioned before. Due to such developments in the online Iran WhatsApp Number List marketing world, the customer is no longer king, but becomes a victim of his own data. As long as tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon in particular continue to use (limited) consumer profiles for more and more purposes, they will have more and more influence over them.


With Magnifying Glass Zooming in on Code

Another phenomenon is the concept of “free”.  It will also be difficult for him to free himself from that provider.  This danger arises because implicit assumptions based on profiles can lead to manipulation, whether intentional or not. Consumers can lose sight of the “world” (the rest of the offer). This trend can be exacerbated by the increasing influence of content marketing. Unfortunately, this raises the important question of which approach will win: consumer free will or bubble compulsion? Time will tell and much will depend on consumer awareness and a different view of privacy by governments.

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