Create More Headlines and Descriptions in Last Year’s Trend Article

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Create More Headlines and Descriptions in Last Year’s Trend Article

Prepare for the first-party data future On June 24, 2021, Google announced that. It will only stop supporting third-party data from autumn 2023. The deadline was originally 2022. This gives advertisers some extra time in 2022 to set up everything in the new style and to work towards a first-party data future, with privacy as the starting point. Conversion Modeling via the Google Consent mode in Google Ads It is clear to most marketers that we will no longer be able to track all users and conversions in the future. That is why we see the Google Consent Mode as a recommendation in Google Ads more and more often. Conversion Modeling is one of the tools that Google provides us marketers within the Consent Mode solution.

 More Headlines and Descriptions in Last Year’s Trend Article

This technique, in which the missing data is filled in on the basis of machine learning, is something you can apply in 2022 to future-proof the management of your campaigns. conversion modeling conversion modeling Attribution models (data driven) Until now, the last-click attribution has been set by default for all Google Ads accounts, but in 2022 Google will replace it with the multi-touch Malaysia WhatsApp Number List attribution model (data driven). This results in an attribution model that works specifically for your company. It optimally shows which advertisements are essential to achieve your business goals. Where there are currently several requirements to set up a data-driven attribution model, such as a minimum number of conversions and interactions per month, Google will remove the data requirements for data-driven models . 6.

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Headlines and Descriptions in Last Year’s Trend Article

Create more headlines and descriptions In last year’s trend article , we already emphasized the importance of responsive search ads (RSA) to your account. Now that we are one year later, we can no longer ignore it. In 2022, RSA will become the standard for creating your ads. Extended text ads (ETA) will be a thing of the past from June 2022. RSA differs from ETA because with RSA we use not three, but fifteen headlines and not two, but four descriptions. Google then makes its own combinations with this. The best performing combinations are delivered the most. Because RSA is becoming the standard, it is more difficult for us as SEA marketers to put advertisements in a certain order. So we will have to assume that Google’s algorithm chooses the right combinations.

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