Exotic flavors, the trend in food marketing

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Exotic flavors, the trend in food marketing

In recent years we have in the market a growing wave of unusual flavors, tequilas, with sweets or fruits, especially the trend has been Norfolk Island Email List generalized in new generations such as millennials or generation z, which according to data from Technomic, almost the 52% of these generations choose to go to a place to eat food if it offers Norfolk Island Email List a new menu with innovative or unusual flavors. The preference is slightly older people is only reflected in that only 35% of them venture into these Norfolk Island Email List unusual dishes, full of unconventional colors, shapes, flavors, and shapes. Brands must pay attention to changing consumer tastes and always develop food marketing strategies without fear of the strange or unusual.

The trend in food marketing is Norfolk Island Email List undoubtedly the collaboration between classic flavors and everything that generates adventure Norfolk Island Email List for the palate, but although this procedure is quite different from Branding since the latter is a collaboration between two or more brands for the creation of a product. And what new Norfolk Island Email List consumers live in the mixture of flavors that they would never have imagined before.

One of the first collaborations that was Norfolk Island Email List found in the market between a product with history and a flavor that drove young consumers crazy Norfolk Island Email List were liqueurs or tequilas with sweet or spicy, although this was not entirely new since they were always combined at home. and even some bottles already Norfolk Island Email List came with some flavor, it was not until a few practitioners ago that all the box office houses released their product such as:

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One of the best strategies that the world of snacks Norfolk Island Email List had was the creation of intense flavors, it will pay main attention to its consumers and they gave them what they were looking for, a clear example is the story of Richard Montañe, son of Mexican Norfolk Island Email List immigrants who, when inspired In the corn with chili, he added a peculiar mixture to the typical Cheetos and it was that he went from janitor to having one of the most revolutionary ideas for Cheetos, with which the company currently sells millions.

Other button houses Norfolk Island Email Lists such as Sabritas and Barcel have followed this trend, by including in their stock various variants to their product, either alone adding extremely spicy or venturing the less common flavors, such as chorizo, pizza, cream with spices.

The trend is the same for all food sectors, it is not just about looking at Norfolk Island Email List beautiful and tasting good, now we are looking to live an experience when eating and that is given by the new flavors, taking risks is always a problem, but inventiveness Norfolk Island Email List and offering something new is what will set the preference of modern consumers.

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