Facebook Lead Ads: How to Capture Leads on Facebook

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Facebook Lead Ads: How to Capture Leads on Facebook

Would you like to get leads at low cost?

Facebook Leads Ads is what you need.

Did you know that 96% of people access Facebook through mobile?

If your landing pages are not mobile friendly, you are going to lose money.

But with Facebook Lead Ads you won’t have to worry about this.

The good thing about these types of ads is that the person does not have to leave Facebook to leave their data .

The conversion takes place within the social network itself.

So, in addition to being faster, you don’t even need to have web pages to get potential customers.

In this article, in addition to telling you what Facebook Lead Ads is, I’m going to tell you how to get the most out of it 巴林电话号码表.

If you have questions, see you in the comments

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Table of Contents
What is Facebook Lead Ads
How Facebook Lead Ads works
Advantages of Facebook Lead Ads
Disadvantages of Facebook Lead Ads
How to create a Customer Acquisition Form on Facebook
How to create a Facebook Leads Ads ad
How to download leads from Facebook Leads Ads
How to Download Facebook Leads Automatically
Examples of Facebook Leads Ads
Tips for Creating Powerful Facebook Lead Gen Ads
What is Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads are a type of ad to attract potential customers where the form is filled within Facebook.

It is a type of ad designed for mobile devices because a web page is not necessary to achieve the conversion.

Only when people click on the ad directly opens the form for people to fill in the data.

Look at this example so that you understand it better.

what is facebook lead ads

This is the process:

1. A person sees an ad and clicks on the call to action.

2. A form opens within the social network with auto-completed data.

3. The user gives you send and takes you to the thank you page.

This is where the potential for these ads lies.

With three simple clicks you can have the lead of a potential customer.

How Facebook Lead Ads works
The operation of the Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook is really simple.

With this scheme you will understand it much better.

how does facebook lead ads work

The process is the following:

1. Create a Lead Generation campaign.

2. The audience that you have targeted in the ad set will see the ad on Facebook (mobile) and Instagram.

3. Clicking will open a form within the social network with the fields you have defined.

4. If the person completes the form 优酷用户, it is sent to the page you want. Usually to the thank you or download pages b2c 评论.

5. You access your Facebook page to download the leads manually.

6. If you have an external tool like Leads Bridge you can automate this process and start an automation with your email marketing tool.

As you can see, a really simple process.

Advantages of Facebook Lead Ads
Before showing you the Facebook Lead Ads tutorial, I want to explain the advantages of this type of ads.

I’m sure if you haven’t tried them yet, after reading this, your opinion will change.

1) You don’t need to have a website
The main advantage of Facebook Lead Ads is that you don’t need to have a website to attract potential customers .

One problem I run into when promoting a local business is that their website is a mess.

Lazy loading, it is not optimized and even less converts.

The solution?

Use this type of campaign.


2) Cheaper cost per lead
As the conversion occurs within the social network and not having to leave the platform, the cost per lead is usually cheaper.

My recommendation is not that you pay attention to whether it is being cheaper or more expensive.

What you have to do is measure the profitability that you are getting from each lead.


3) Auto complete data
When a person clicks on the ad, the data that Facebook has about you, such as: name, email and mobile, are automatically completed.

For that reason, they are also called instant forms .


4) Personalization of questions
The great potential of lead generation campaigns is in the customization of the questions that Facebook allows.

You can collect all kinds of information such as:

Contact details.
Name and surname.
Demographic questions.
Job information.
If the person included all this data in their Facebook profile, they will automatically fill in on their own.

But you can also add custom questions of various types.


5) Reduce the number of dropouts
As it is so easy to complete the data and send it, the conversion rate can be higher compared to a landing .

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If the landing takes time to load, it is most likely that the abandonment rate will be high and with it, you will lose potential customers.

In this way, you solve that problem.


6) Integration with your CRM
It can be directly integrated with your CRM or email marketing platform.

This way you won’t have to download leads on Facebook manually .

They will go directly to your database and you can start any type of automation.

Disadvantages of Facebook Lead Ads
Not all it reduces is gold.

Using Facebook Lead Ads also has a number of drawbacks.

My recommendation is that you do A / B tests to analyze how you get a better return on investment.

Whether by capturing leads directly from Facebook or Instagram, or by sending them to a landing page.

1) Lower quality leads?
Facebook leads are likely to be of poorer quality than leads from a landing page.

The ease with which the data can be filled in can cause “anyone” to do so.

Remember, measure the return on investment of each lead.


2) Greater creative limitation
With no landing page, people will only be able to see the ad.

As you may know, Facebook ads have a text limit on images.

The more text you add to them, the worse the performance will be because less people will show it to Facebook.

This means that you cannot show the information in such a detailed way as in a landing.

Also, if what you are going to sell later is a high-value product, the lead magnet has to be powerful .

It is likely that in a landing you can more easily demonstrate the value of what you are going to offer if they leave their data.


3) A landing page can generate more trust
On a squeeze page you can add more information than a simple advertisement.

Without going any further, you can add information about the person or brand behind the project.

Have clients you have worked with or milestones you have achieved.

How to create a Customer Acquisition Form on Facebook
You can create the form as you go through the campaign (as we are going to see) or you can create it before starting it.

I recommend you create the form before starting the campaign.

In this way you will only have to select it and that’s it.

➡️ 1) Access your Fanpage
Step 1: Access your Facebook Page and in the “More” section select “Publishing Tools”


➡️ 2) Create the customer generation form
Step 2: In the left column you will see different options.

Select the option ” Ad forms for potential customers “.

If you have not made any announcement, the following image will appear.

Click create lead form.

create facebook ads form

➡️ 3) Configure the form

Step 3: The first thing you have to do is modify the name of the form .

Once you publish it, you will not be able to change it again and the name will remain by default.

It happened to me the first time I had to create one, so you know, don’t make the same mistake.


Step 4: Then, click on the configuration section to change the data.

1) Form configuration:

You have to choose the language in which you want the person to see the form.

Do not forget about this part, because by default it comes in English.

In the shared content you have to indicate if people can share it on their wall or not.

2) Field identifiers

3) Tracking parameters

They are parameters that allow identifying the origin of potential customers.

Do not worry because they will not appear in the form.

➡️ 4) Customize the form
It is now when you can customize the questions, add the creatives, etc. Let’s see all the steps.

Step 5: Form Type:

You have two options:

More volume.
Higher degree of intention.
The difference between the two is that with the second type you add one more step to the form .

Before submitting, you can review all the information you have added.

Obviously, with the first option you will get more leads and at a lower price.

But adding one more step allows you to better qualify the lead.

Step 6: Introduction

The introduction is optional and allows you to customize three elements:

In the case of the image you can upload a personalized one or use the same one from the ad.

While in the design choose between paragraph or bullet points.

Step 7: Questions

There are two types of questions that you can add to your forms:

Those of automatic completion.
Custom questions.
These are all the customization options you have:

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Autocomplete questions: You have four different options:

Contact information: Telephone number, address, City, State, Province, Country, Postal Code.
User information : First name, last name.
Demographic questions: date of birth, sex, marital status, relationship status, military status.
Job information: position, telephone number, company email, company name.
National identification number
Custom Questions: Additionally, you have four more types:

Short answer.
Multiple choice.
Appointment scheduling.
Step 8: Privacy Policy

This option is mandatory.

You will have to go to the privacy policy of your website, copy and paste.

If you do not have a website, you can make a publication on Facebook or create a Google Docs with the data of your privacy policy.

Now, it has to be legal.

Step 9: Review screen

The review screen is only for people to review the data they submit.

If you don’t want it to be displayed, you just have to change the form type to “More volume”.

Step 10: Thank You Screen

When the users fill in the data, like a web, they are sent a thank you page.

You can choose between three options:

See website.
Call business.
You can customize the copy of the CTA and also the text you want to display.

And remember one thing.

The more questions you ask, the more value the lead magnet you offer will have to have for a person to leave their data.

How to create a Facebook Leads Ads ad
Have you seen the full potential of this type of format?

Now we are going to see how to create a Facebook Lead Ads ad step by step.

➡️ 1. Create the campaign
Step 1: The first step will be to create our advertising campaign.

To do this, go to your Ads Manager and click on “create new campaign”

Next you will have to name the campaign.

In this article in which I tell you how to advertise on Facebook step by step I tell you the nomenclatures that I use.

Step 2: Then you will have to select the objective of the campaign .


Choose Lead Generation .

How much do you want to invest in your campaigns?

Step 3: Choose the budget of the campaign that you are going to invest.

You can choose between:

Daily budget.
Total budget.
Step 4: Finally, you will have to choose the type of bid , in this post you have all the information about it.

➡️ 2. Create the ad set
Step 5: Now you will have to give the ad set a name .

Personally, I like to use the type of segmentation that I am using.

In this way, when measuring results it is easier to see which audiences are performing better.

Step 6: Facebook Page

Remember to select the Facebook page where you want to show the ads.

Step 7: Catalog

If you have created a product catalog you can choose this option, otherwise, ignore it.

Allows you to complete the ad with images of the products you have uploaded.

It is an option that makes more sense if you have an online store.

Step 8: Public

The segmentation Facebook and Instagram is one of the keys to making profitable advertising campaigns.

If we don’t show the ads to the right people, we are wasting our time.

There are three types of audiences on Facebook :

Saved: based on interests and behaviors.
segmentation in facebook ads

Spend the time you need to correctly define your target audience and then search for it on Facebook.

Step 9: Location

Depending on the objective of the campaign, you will be able to show your ads in some locations or others.

You have four platforms:

Audience Network
You can start by showing the ads in all the placements and then analyze one by one.

In this way, you will know which ones get the best results and then optimize your campaigns.

Step 10: Budget and schedule

At this point you have to indicate the start date and the end date of your campaign.

You can also define the maximum cost that you are willing to pay for each completed form .

3. Create Facebook Lead Ads
The last step is to create the ads, for this there are two elements to which you should pay special attention:

The creatives.
The copy of the ads.
Choosing the right image can account for 75-90% of the success of an ad .

Step 11: Identity

Remember to select the Instagram profile where you want to show the ads.

Step 12: Ad content and settings

In this section you have to indicate if you want to use a creative or a sequence of them .

Remember that they have to be images or videos that attract the attention of your target audience.


Step 13: Then you will have to complete the text fields:

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Main text.
Visible link.
Call to action
The copy in Facebook Ads is also important, do not leave any idea to chance.

Step 14: Instant form

The last step will be to create the Lead Generation form or select one that you already have.

Before we have already seen how to create it step by step.

Step 15: Facebook Pixel

Remember to activate the Facebook Pixel to be able to better track the conversions and review and publish your ads.

How to download leads from Facebook Leads Ads
To download the leads from Facebook Ads you have to access your Facebook Page.

Click on “More” and select “Publishing Tools.”

On the left side you will have different options, click « Form Library »

Here you will see all the forms that you have created.

Download leads from facebook ads

In the customer column you will see the Download option .

Click and choose between two options:

Download new leads.
Download by date range.
If you select the first option and you have previously downloaded leads, you will download the leads that you do not have yet.

How to Download Facebook Leads Automatically
The downside of downloading leads manually is that they cannot automatically enter your automations .

You have to download and upload them manually to your email marketing platform.


Your sales may go down.

The solution?

Use external tools like Zapier , LeadsBridge , or Connectleads.io .

Examples of Facebook Leads Ads
In this article I show you different examples of effective Facebook and Instagram Ads .

But now we are going to see several examples with this type of objective.

Example Facebook Lead Ads Ad

In this case, it does an A / B test of images to see which one converts the most.

I recommend that you carry out this type of analysis in the initial phase of your campaigns.

It is also advisable to use some type of lead magnet as an incentive to leave the data.

example ad lead generation on facebook

In this case, this sports center offers to try the gym and swimming pool of its complex for free .

Remember that the more data you ask for, the more powerful the lead magnet has to be.

Tips for Creating Powerful Facebook Lead Gen Ads
Knowing how to create an ad is something simple, you just have to follow the Facebook Leads Ads tutorial that we have seen.

But create powerful ads that capture the lead …

That’s another thing.

There are three keys to creating ads that convert:

Have a powerful lead magnet.
Write an attractive copy.
Create an irresistible call to action
We are going to see some recommendations for each case.

1. Have a powerful lead magnet
Why should people give you their personal data?

That is the first thing you should ask yourself.

If they give you their details, they have to get something in return.

Some incentives you can use are:

Discounts on the purchase of products.
Of course, it is essential that they are aligned with your sales funnel . Otherwise they will not be effective.

Remember that the more value the lead magnet you offer has, the more potential customers you will get.


2. Write an attractive copy.
Through words you must guide people to carry out the action.

You can use two approaches:

Show your target audience pain point with the solution.
Highlight the benefits that they will obtain if they leave their data.
Using words that refer to urgency and scarcity is essential.

We have to give people a reason to act TODAY and not leave it for another day.

People are more motivated to sign up for limited-time offers.

That is a reality, if we feel that we are going to lose something that is when we take action.


3. Create an irresistible call to action
We have to tell people what to do .

We achieve this through calls to action.

Images are the first thing a person will see when your ad appears.

Try including spoofed buttons with calls to action.

Do A / B test and measure the performance of each of the ads.


4. Use remarketing
Have they seen your registration page but they have not gotten to subscribe?

It does not mean that they are not interested, only that at that moment they have not carried out the action.

Using Facebook and Instagram remarketing with lead generation ads may be just what you need.

Sometimes we have to re-impact people a certain number of times for them to take action.

Facebook Lead Gen Ads are a powerful tool for low-cost leads.

I recommend that you use them at least as a test.

Any questions, see you in the comments

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