Google Already Implemented a Major Change for Phrase

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Google Already Implemented a Major Change for Phrase

The strong growth in searches for companion animals, for example, is striking. During a year where we spent a lot of time indoors, it seemed like a great time for many people to welcome a pet. Entrepreneurship was also clearly strongly encouraged in the past year. It is nice to see that in 2021 there was more search worldwide for ‘how do you start a company’ than for ‘how do I find a job’. Facebook becomes Meta One of the big events of the past year was of course the name change from Facebook to Meta . Not so much because of the name change itself, but mainly because of the vision and ambition that lies behind it. Meta’s focus will be to actually bring the metaverse to life.

Already Implemented a Major Change for Phrase

Updates from Google Google also made the necessary name changes last year, including at Google Business and Google Search Central. Besides these name changes, SEO specialists again paid a lot of attention to major Israel WhatsApp Number List algorithm changes. The giant seemed more active than ever in making major changes over the past year. It started the year with the big passage ranking update . In fact, this is a new way to rank specific passages of a page in the search results. Following this update, the page experience update was rolled out to users around the world from June 15. An update that many connoisseurs had expected more from, but nevertheless it certainly belongs in this list.


Implemented a Major Change for Phrase

However, there was a lot of feedback on this update from all over the world, so Google decided in August to slow down the scaling of this update. EAT also became more concrete in the past year, with Google even making official documentation available about the guidelines used to assess the quality of content. In October, Google also launched the continuous scrolling update on mobile, which automatically loads the next set of results at the bottom of the page as you scroll further. Updates to Google Ads Google has certainly not stood still in the field of digital advertising. For example, Google already implemented a major change for phrase match and broad match modifier in February. Later that month, Google announced a major update, making responsive search ads the default for ads.

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