How to make an effective Social Media Marketing Plan

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How to make an effective Social Media Marketing Plan

If you are wondering how to make a Social Media Marketing Plan step by step and create a social media strategy, stay with me because we are going to see everything you should know and with examples.

But first, tell me.

Your social media marketing strategy isn’t working?

Any company or business that wants to have a presence in social networks must have a strategy.

Otherwise, you will be losing money.

And if you don’t want the time and money in social networks, you will need to make a Social Media Plan.

Imagine you are a community manager and you have to manage the social networks of a new client 孟加拉国电话号码表.

It will not occur to you to start managing them without first having done a previous analysis and having defined a strategy, right?

Well, this is what the social media plan is about.

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Table of Contents
What is a Social Media Marketing Plan or Social Media Plan?
How to prepare a Social Media Marketing Plan
How to make a Social Media Marketing Plan for your company
➡️ 1) Analysis stage
➡️ 2) Operational Stage: Objectives, Strategies and Actions of the Social Media Plan
➡️ 3) Execution stage of the Social Media Strategy
➡️ 4) Measurement Stage of the Social Media Plan
Budget of the Social Media Plan
Tools to make a Social Media Plan
Templates to make a social media plan
What is a Social Media Marketing Plan or Social Media Plan?
A Social Media Marketing Plan or Social Media Plan is a document that details the social media strategies that will be carried out to achieve the marketing objectives of the company.

In other words, a Social Media Plan is a Social Media Marketing Plan .

It is the helm that will direct all our strategies and actions of the social media plan and that will be executed by the community manager 优酷用户.

what is social media plan

You have to be clear about one thing.

You don’t just have to think about what content strategy to do, what to publish, when, etc.

You will also have to invest in advertising on Social Networks .

Today, I cannot conceive of any plan that does not include the organic strategy part and the paid part.

How to prepare a Social Media Marketing Plan
We could say that the parts of a Social Media Plan are mainly four.

The first part consists of an analysis of the social media strategy of the company and its competitors.

What is also known as a social media audit.

The second part consists of creating the social media strategy based on the previous analysis that we have done.

Then we will carry out the execution of the campaigns on social networks and finally the results will have to be measured .


Although the Social Media Plan is a document, it should never be seen as a closed document.

Whenever new tools appear, new social networks, or changes in the consumer, we will have to adapt our entire strategy.

Therefore, it will always be a dynamic document .

How to make a Social Media Marketing Plan for your company
Well, we have already seen in a schematic way all the steps that need to be taken.

Now we are going to see how to make a Social Media Plan step by step.

For this, we are going to take a much more in-depth and detailed look at each of the steps.

➡️ 1) Analysis stage
Every plan must start from a well-structured analysis to understand what situation you are in and determine where you want to go .

In this first stage, what we will do is understand which are the main income routes of the company and in what competitive situation it is.

1) Establish business model
Your business model must be the epicenter of all the social actions you carry out.

The problem is that it is not usually given enough importance when starting to develop a social media plan

You have to take into account aspects such as:

What are your products and / or services that bring you benefits and in what proportion.
In which geographical area do you sell the most?
How many workers are there in the company
What is your current strategy to get customers and convert it into sales
What is your customer loyalty strategy.
2) Set goals
The second thing you have to do is define the goal you want to achieve .

If you want to make the best social media plan, you must be clear about what you want to achieve.

This is essential and I will explain why.

The SWOT analysis (you will see it later), will determine the factors that will prevent or help you achieve that goal.

In a nutshell.

Without a goal, there are no objectives, and without objectives, there is no plan.

3) Social Media Audit
The next step will be to know the competitive situation of your brand.

To do this, you will have to do an internal and external analysis.

This is what is known as an audit in social networks and some of the data that you must extract are:

Evaluation and performance of past actions.
Types of content used in each social network.
Engagement in publications.
Analysis of the company’s reputation and problems they have had.
Customer service in social networks.
Tools used to carry out the actions.
Analysis of the web or blog.
Analysis of web positioning.
Analysis of online reputation.
Analysis of campaigns in Google Adwords and Social Ads.
Remember : To do the audit correctly you have to do the analysis of both your project and the competition.

My preferred tool for doing this part is without a doubt Metricool.

If you want to try it for free, you just have to click on the following image.

Like everything in life, things look better with examples, right?

Well, in this presentation you have an example of a social media marketing strategy for a real company.

But what I want you to look at is how I do the project audit.

You have to analyze all the elements of the project website as well as the most important pages of the business.

Then you will have to do the same with the competition, always looking for new opportunities for improvement.


Social-media strategy from Rubén Máñez Leal
The research phase is one of the most important of the social media plan.

But it is also one of the reasons why many social media strategies fail.

Spend as much time as necessary.

Web / Blog Analysis
One of the objectives of the social media marketing plan will be to increase web traffic to achieve conversions.

Now, what is the use of making a social media plan if afterwards your website is not optimized and the visits do not convert.

You have to do an analysis of the usability and accessibility of the website, the blog and the landing pages of acquisition and sale that the company has.

The objective is not only to attract traffic to the web, but that those who arrive stay and convert.
Imagine that a user sees a shirt that he liked thanks to the advertising on Facebook.

He goes to the store to buy it but, once he arrives, he takes time to find the shirt because it was messy.

When he locates it, he does not find the sizes or put a price and ends up getting tired and ends up leaving the store.

The same happens on a website.

Imagine that the same person after seeing an ad enters your website but cannot find the product

Browse and browse, but get tired and abandon the checkout process.

In this way you are losing a purchase opportunity by not having a website optimized for your audience.

mega guide social media marketing plan

In short, you will have to do an analysis of the usability of the web so that when the visitors arrive, their user experience is correct to achieve your objectives.

If you want to know more about web usability, I recommend this post from Aula CM

Web Positioning Analysis
The next step will be to do an analysis of the SEO positioning of the project.

That is, the place that your web page occupies for the keywords on which you want to position yourself.

To carry out this analysis you have to do mainly four investigations:

Analysis of the organic evolution of the project.
Keyword Research.
Detection of SEO errors.
Link analysis.
To find out what position your web page occupies in Google, you can use three methods:

➡ 1) Private Browsing.

One of the simplest ways to see where your website is in Google is to use private browsing .

To do this, in Chrome you will only have to select a new incognito window.

➡ 2) Search Console.

With Search Console you will be able to know what average position occupy the keywords for which you are positioned.

You will only have to access your account and in the search traffic section select search analysis and click on position .

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how to find out the position of a web in google

➡ 3) SEMrush.

SEMrush is another tool with which you can check the positions for which your keywords appear in Google and the traffic they provide you.

To do this, you only have to enter your domain in the platform, select organic research and then positions .

how to find out what is the position of a blog in Google

It is important to distinguish if the web page is positioned by keywords without the need to name a brand or with keywords where it is named.

You also have to know who are those competitors that occupy the first positions in Google .

In addition to knowing in which Google position your website appears, you should also do an SEO audit .

For this, it will be essential to know what type of SEO tools you need for your project.


Online Reputation Analysis
The ORM (online reputation management) is one of the most critical and important tasks that a community manager has to face

It basically consists of knowing how to manage the online reputation of a brand .

The correct management of online communication can mark the success or failure of your plan.
There are 4 things that you will have to know.

What they say about us
How do they say it
When they say it
Where they say it
More and more people connect with brands, therefore, it is easier for them to have to face comments of all kinds from users.

That is why it is so important to measure the effect these comments have on our reputation .

I recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

What do they say about my brand?
What do they say about my products and / or services?
What do they say about my employees?
Who says it?
On what platforms is it being said?
At what point?
When do they talk about your brand?
What impact is it having?
The creation, management and maintenance of a digital reputation is a difficult and complicated task.

how to do a reputation analysis online

It is fundamentally based on tracking, identifying and selecting and monitoring those that are said about the brand, services, products, etc. In Internet.

Analysis of the company’s social media strategy and competition
A deep analysis of the competition is an essential point of any plan.

By performing a correct benchmarking you will be able to determine in which competitive situation your competition is .

But also to know what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to consequently be able to make strategic decisions.

Before starting to perform the competitor analysis, you will have to ask yourself questions such as:

In which social networks does our competition have a presence?
What use do they give to each social network?
Do they have the profiles optimized?
What type of content do they generate on each social network?
Which one works best and worst for them?
In which social network are you getting the best results?
Do you have a social media marketing plan?
What strategies, actions and campaigns are they carrying out?
Which ones can be used and which ones cannot?
What results are they getting?
For example, one tool I recommend to analyze your competitor’s social media marketing strategy is Buzzsumo .

I also really like to use it to analyze the marketing strategies on Facebook of the competition.


There are many tools that you can use when studying the social media strategy of your competition, but do not be obfuscated in trying all of them.

First determine what metrics you want to know and then use only those tools with which you will be able to extract those metrics.

I advise you to make a table to be able to visually see which social networks your competition is on and which ones are not, as well as the number of followers in each social network.

how to analyze the competition in social networks

This analysis is highly recommended because there are different social networks and we do not have to have the same presence in them as our competition.

4) Analysis of the situation: SWOT analysis in Social Media
The SWOT Analysis is an essential tool to establish a starting point on which to develop the social media marketing plan.

Know what the company’s situation is in terms of:

Social media strategies
Online Reputation
It will be essential to determine what strategy to implement and what actions and campaigns will accompany you to achieve the proposed objectives.

SWOT analysis is a matrix made up of two parts: an internal part ( strengths and weaknesses ) and an external part ( opportunities and threats ).

To carry out a correct SWOT it will be essential to have correctly defined the initial goal, all analysis must be done focused on a goal that is intended to be achieved.
SWOT analysis social media plan➡ Weaknesses :

In this section you have to be totally objective and honest.

It is essential that you carry out a critical analysis to know first-hand those factors that are making it difficult for you to achieve your goals .

For example:

Difficulties to carry out campaigns on social networks.
Lack of experience in social media.
Difficulty running advertising campaigns and measuring your ROI.
Lack of tools or resources to carry out the actions and be able to meditate on them.
High cart abandonment rate.
➡Strengths :

You will have to think about what are those elements or factors that make you better compared to your competitors.

For example:

High level of customer service.
High conversion rate of the web.
Planning of successful social media campaigns.
High return on investment in Ads campaigns.
Highly qualified staff trained in social media.
Sufficient tools and resources to carry out the social media marketing plan.
➡Threats :

They represent all those external situations that can negatively affect your brand.

For example:

Closing or modifying the conditions of social networks where we have an important presence.
Strategies of competing companies.
The main competitor’s social media strategy is managed by a highly prestigious social media company.
➡Opportunities :

External factors that can represent a competitive advantage compared to your competitors.

For example:

The competition does not have a social media marketing plan.
No competing company is using video marketing in their social media strategy.
You are not taking advantage of the potential of the blog to attract qualified potential customers.
No company is doing well on a certain social network.
The key to success is maximizing opportunities and strengths and countering threats and weaknesses.
Recommendations for a correct SWOT analysis in Social Media :

It collects information from the employees themselves to find out what is being done well and what is being done well.
Your workers are the most important asset you have and will be able to deal with the subject objectively.
Request information about social media campaigns they have carried out previously to see what their results have been.
Find out what tools they have and see if they are being used correctly.
Ask what their main competitors are and then find them yourself based on your own criteria.
Obtain information from your customers, they are the most valuable asset that a company has and from which you can obtain the most information to later design the social media strategy.
It is very important to turn weaknesses into opportunities .

Of course, it must be clear that having three weaknesses, for example, does not mean that we will have three opportunities.

There may be one weakness and ten chances, they don’t need to get married.

5) Locate your target audience
Once you have completed the analysis phase of the social media plan, it is time to identify your target audience.

One of the most important steps in the entire document.

A correct segmentation will make us closer to success, an incorrect segmentation will make you fail.

What good is having the best product and / or service if I am not offering it to the right person?

What is the use of having a great product and / or service if it is not solving any need or helping to improve people’s lives?

In this phase it is essential to identify your buyer persona .

The buyer persona is nothing more than the stereotype of your ideal client and of whom you will have to know each and every one of the pain points that motivate him to make a purchase decision or another.

Before starting to define your buyer persona, you should brainstorm and ask yourself a series of questions such as:

What is the segment you are targeting?
How old are them?
Are you clear about the type of people who may be interested in what you offer?
Why might it interest you?
What will make them buy from you instead of the competition?
What objections can they show to buying from you?
What are their pain points, that is, what motivates them to make purchasing decisions?
What social channels is your audience on?
What is your buying behavior?
When do you buy?
Where do you buy?
Why do you buy it?
What is your personality?
You can also use tools like Metricool that allows you to know more information about your fans and followers.

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In this way, you will have more data to be able to develop your strategy.

Because it is not the same to address an audience between 16-22 years old, than an audience between 45-54 years old.

Everyone has their own needs, motivations, and desires.

6) Determination of the necessary resources
You must take into account all the human and financial resources and tools that you have to carry out your social media plan.

What is the use of making a mega strategy if later you will not have enough financial resources to execute it?

Or if you are not going to have enough employees to carry it out?

Therefore, before deciding on which social networks you are going to have a presence and which social media strategy you are going to carry out, it is necessary that you reflect on:

The budget you have.
The qualified staff you have.
If you have the necessary tools.

7) Choice of Social Networks
Now that you have done a deep analysis of all the factors that can influence your strategy.

You know who you are addressing and how you should reach them.

It is now when you have to finish in which social networks you are going to have a presence.

Many companies and people start their social media plan by initially deciding on which social networks they will have a presence and publish to publish.

It is a huge mistake.

This decision can mark the success or failure of your strategy.

Think for a moment.

How are you going to choose social networks before knowing where your target audience is?

Without first having analyzed where your competition is?

Therefore, the choice of one social network or another will fundamentally depend on:

of your business model
where your target audience is from
of your resources
and your budget.
how to choose the social networks of my company

And now yes, we go to the operational stage.

➡️ 2) Operational Stage: Objectives, Strategies and Actions of the Social Media Plan
Once you have carried out all the exhaustive analysis, you will be in a position to define the objectives of social networks.

At the end of the day, a social media strategy is nothing more than planning all the actions that you are going to carry out on social media to achieve the objectives set.

8) Determination of Objectives
Defining the objectives correctly is basic.

A correct definition of objectives will allow you to measure the results and check if you are on the right track or if you are deviating.

You can have both qualitative goals and quantitative goals.

But it is essential that you determine them based on the business goals you want to achieve.

Normally, the objectives of a social media marketing plan are usually focused on:

Improve the positioning of your website or blog in search engines.
Increase traffic.
Increase the database of leads.
Increase your App downloads.
Increase website conversions.
Increase the loyalty level of your current customers.
smart target example

Regardless of the objectives you want to achieve with your social media plan, they must follow yes or yes a SMART structure so that they can be measured correctly.

9) Definition of the social media strategy
When you start to design the strategy you have to go a step beyond the typical publications.

As I have told you throughout the article, it is not about publishing for publishing.

It’s about publishing content that meets a goal.

That is why it is so important to create content that is related to each of the stages of the TOFU, MOFU and BOFU conversion funnel .

When defining any strategy I like to use the OGSM Matrix .


The advantage of using this Matrix is ​​that at a glance you can know everything you need:

What do you want to get.
How are you going to get it.
What are you going to do for it.
Objective -> Strategies -> Actions

With this clear, the next step is to specify each of the strategies.

Content strategy
A content strategy is like going to the gym.

For the results to begin to appear, you must wait at least 6 months.

You have to be very patient as, in most cases, it is a slow process.

There is one thing you must be clear about.

What people are looking for are solutions to their problems and needs.

Hence the importance of knowing how they search and with what words they search to draw a strategy that positions you as the number one alternative to satisfy their desires.

This is why planning an editorial calendar for your blog is so important .

To be clearer, I recommend that you watch this Inbound Cycle video .

In it, Pau Valdés explains contents that are better adapted to each phase of the purchase process of each potential client.


Now that you know what type of content you should create, you may be wondering what kind of tools to use .

For this I recommend that you see this presentation on SlideShare by Bruno Vázquez


Creative tools and resources to create CONTENT. Event # AmoSM2016 from Bruno Vázquez-Dodero
Social Media Optimization (SMO) Actions
What good is a social media plan if you do not optimize the social actions that you are going to carry out?

That’s what Social Media Optimization is all about .

The SMO consists of carrying out a series of techniques to increase visibility and thus achieve increased traffic and positioning .

To do this, you will have to carry out the following SMO actions :

Facilitate the sharing of your content on social networks through the social buttons.
Increase the visibility of your content through SlideShare presentations, YouTube videos, dissemination in related groups. That is, adapt the content to other formats.
Make comments on other blogs and link other people’s content in your own content.
Generate valuable content on the blog that is attractive to be shared.
That the published content is associated with keywords and certain hashtags.
Email Marketing Strategy
The money is in your database.

How many times have you heard that?

Well, it’s totally true.

The email marketing is one of the channels can provide you more conversions .

Therefore, you should think about what strategies to attract leads you are going to plan.

But not only that.

Also, what is the treatment that you are going to give to those leads afterwards.

If you are starting out in email marketing, I recommend this post by Claudio Inacio about email marketing for beginners.

Examples Strategy and Social Media Actions
Remember that the actions of your social media plan must be linked to your objectives.

For example, if you have three objectives, you will have to differentiate different actions with their corresponding strategy to achieve them.

It may also be the case that you have to plan 5 different actions to achieve the same goal.

But it could also be that with the same action you can achieve several objectives simultaneously.

For example, taking X action on social networks can make you meet the traffic objective and the positioning objective.

Imagine that one of the objectives is to improve the positioning.

The actions could be optimizing the web for SEO and making boards on Pinterest that position you and direct traffic to your website.

Do you see the difference between objective and action?

The goal is not to create 10 boards, that is an action.

social media plan strategy

With examples everything is much clearer so check this one to know how to structure the strategies and tactics of your social media plan:

Goal : Increase the visibility of the brand on the internet.

SMART objective : increase visits to the website by 30% in the next 4 months

Strategies and actions to increase visits:

A) Promotion strategies

Create Facebook Ads
SEM campaigns
Create contests
B) Content Marketing Strategy

Create rankings related to your theme
Share content in social groups
Guest blogging
Goal : Get new customers

SMART objective : increase the database with qualified leads by 20% in the next three months.

Strategies and actions to attract new customers

A) Promotion strategies

Contests on Facebook or Instagram
Ads Campaigns
B) Content Marketing Strategy

SEO optimization of content
Downloadable resources like Ebooks and templates
Conducting webinars
Include subscription forms in articles
Goal : Increase the company’s sales

SMART objective : increase ecommerce sales by 15% in the next 2 months

Strategies to increase ecommerce sales :

A) Promotion strategies

Advertising campaigns on Facebook
SEM campaigns
B) Email marketing strategy

Creation of autoresponders for each phase of the purchase process
Offers with exclusive discounts for subscribers
C) Marketing campaign with influencers

example social media plan strategy

With this scheme it is better understood, right?

Loyalty strategies
You agree with me that there is more and more competition.

Users have greater information power and therefore greater freedom of choice of alternatives.

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Audiences are becoming fragmented every time, for this and for many other reasons, it is essential that your company has a loyalty plan .

There are various studies that indicate that acquiring a new buyer costs between 5 – 10 times more than to retain a current customer.

If we add to this that a loyal customer usually spends 67% more than a new one, we see the need to have a loyalty strategy within the social media plan .

loyalty strategies

As an example of loyalty strategies you can use tools and factors such as:

Email Marketing.
Push notifications through Apps.
Social networks: raffles and promotions.
Member Get Member.
Satisfaction and improvement surveys.
➡️ 3) Execution stage of the Social Media Strategy
Now that you know the strategies and actions that will be part of your social media plan, it is necessary that you know the time you will need to optimally implement your social media plan.

Editorial Calendar and GANTT Calendar
The editorial calendar in social networks will be the tool that allows you to execute the strategy.

It should be the rudder that sets the course for the success of your social media plan.

You should also take into account, what is the best time to publish content on social networks .

The frequency of publication and another series of variables.

Tips to make a perfect editorial calendar :

Separate activities according to their duration and regularity .
There may be actions that only have to be done once a month and others that need to be done more continuously.

Group actions into different types
Use different colors for each type of action to be able to distinguish them in a clear and simple way.

Take into account those elements of the environment that you cannot control
For example, sporting events, events in your sector, political events, etc.

You must sign up for seasonal events
Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, etc. These are dates when you will have to have your social networks at full capacity.

You must also make a GANTT Calendar.

With which you can check each week what tasks you have to do.

But not only that.

You will be able to see when you are going to have to carry out more tasks, and thus take into account the resources you have.

➡️ 4) Measurement Stage of the Social Media Plan
The measurement stage is vital to know if your social media plan is giving positive or negative results.

Anything that can be measured can be improved .

You will have to carry out a thorough measurement of all the actions.

It is the only way to know what works and what does not work.

It is very important that you know how to differentiate between metrics and KPIs.

All KPIs are metrics but not all metrics are KPIs.

The metrics that you will have to pay more attention to are those that form the indicators.

But you should not neglect the rest of the metrics.

If one day your goals change and your KPIs change, the metrics can vary as well.

metrics social media plan

10) Determine the KPI indicators
To know if your social media strategy is working or not, it is mandatory that you define the KPIs in Marketing based on the objectives that you have set for yourself.

The KPIs will be the indicators that will allow you to measure and control the results you are obtaining in order to optimize your strategies and actions.

Any action you take must be analyzed and optimized.
To make it clearer to you how you have to define the KPIs of your social media plan, take a look at this example.

Imagine a company that has five marketing goals:

Get a better position.
Increase visibility.
Capture more leads.
Increase conversion.
Improve loyalty.
You must break down your marketing objectives into general objectives that tell you what you want to achieve and in this way transform the objectives into KPIs.

You must also remember that the KPIs of a project are unique, each project will have its own KPIs.

It is recommended that you do not use a large number of indicators,

Ideally, you should not have more than ten KPIs among all the objectives , so as not to make it difficult to measure them.

kpi social media plan

If you are still not clear on how to define the KPIs of your social media strategy, I will explain it to you in the way that my Social Media Postgraduate professor Pedro Rojas explained it to me .

First you have to think about what your goals and objectives are and then ask yourself a series of questions such as:

What metrics influence the achievement of business objectives and goals
Are these metrics key for the development of the social media strategy?
Can they be measured and compared on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis with other indicators?
And then, as I have said before, you must convert those objectives into KPIs in order to measure and verify that the social media strategy is being carried out correctly.

What I recommend in this case is that you make a dashboard in which you associate each KPI with three possible situations:

KPI> result = No action required
KPI = result = Track
KPI <result = Action must be taken
In this way we can observe in a very simple way if we are reaching the objectives or if otherwise we have to take action.

Because if the KPIs are not being achieved, a series of measures to be taken should be taken into account to change the situation.

Measure ROI in marketing
It is useless to create the best social media strategy if we do not recover the investment we have made later.

That is why it will be essential to calculate the ROI in marketing of each of the social media campaigns that we have carried out.

In case you didn’t know, the ROI formula is as follows:

Marketing ROI = [(Marketing Benefits – Marketing Investment) / Marketing Investment] * 100
To measure ROI in social media, you must first be clear about these concepts:

CPM: The Cost of reaching 1000 people.
CPC: The cost per click.
CPA: The cost of acquisition.
CPV: How much does it cost us to get each sale.
Conversion: When a user performs an action that we want, be it a registration or a purchase.
What we will have to do is control each of these variables.

For example, if it costs us too much money to reach 1000 people, we must change the actions we are doing to impact them.

Whereas if the CPA is too high, we will have to change the strategy with which we try to get clients.

Do you understand the process?

If you remember, when we defined the KPIs we also said that if we do not achieve them we should take action.

The same would happen here.

If ROI = 0
If ROI <1
If ROI> 1
If negative, we are investing more in social media campaigns than we are able to recover.

So we must analyze where we are failing and where we are losing money.

Crisis plan in social networks
Finally, you must make a crisis plan for social networks.

If you are a bit in the digital marketing sector, you will know that there are several social media crises that have occurred due to not having communication and crisis protocols.

Normally this service is not part of the budget of the social media plan and must be budgeted independently.

One thing I recommend at this point is that you contact the sales or customer service team and ask them what are the most repeated complaints .

In this way, by knowing what the main complaints are, you can also create different communication protocols.

Budget of the Social Media Plan
If you are wondering how much it costs or how much to charge for a social media plan, it is now when you have to specify it.

No plan costs the same as another.


Because each project has different analysis needs from the other.

In addition, it would be useless to make a mega budget if later you are not going to have the qualified personnel necessary to execute it.

So now to make the budget, the first thing I recommend is that you take into account how many hours you are going to invest in planning the strategy and assign a price to each of your hours.

And then add the investment that will be necessary to make in each of the channels.

Templates to make a social media plan
To help you with your social media strategy I wanted to leave you a gift that you will like

There are three templates to make your social media plan that you can download in a second:

Template for an exhaustive analysis of the competition in social networks
Template to define your buyer persona
Template to make an editorial calendar
Do you have a Social Media Plan defined in your digital strategy?

What results is it giving you?

What do you think is the most important aspect of the social media plan?

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