How to Promote a Local Business: 9 Most Effective Ways

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How to Promote a Local Business: 9 Most Effective Ways

Do you have a local business and you don’t know how to get more clients?

One of the main reasons many companies fail is because they don’t know how to get new customers.

In this article I am going to tell you how to promote a local business and what are the most effective techniques.

But first I want you to understand one thing.

For a project to work, you need to have a system.

A system that turns strangers into your customers and they, in turn, into recurring buyers.

How to do this, I’ll tell you another day.

Now, let’s see how you can promote a business on the internet 伯利兹电话号码表.

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Table of Contents
How to promote a local business on the internet
How to promote a small business offline
Other ways to promote a local business with little money

How to promote a local business on the internet
Dental clinics, aesthetics, personal trainers, nutritionists, lawyers, etc.

What do they all have in common?

Everyone needs more clients.

Therefore, the 9 ways to promote a business on the internet that I am going to tell you, are suitable for any type.

Because the ultimate goal of all is the same. Increase turnover 优酷用户.

With this I am not telling you to invest in all these techniques, only in the ones that best suit your type of brand.


1) Advertising on Social Networks
The social network advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote an online business.

Imagine that you have a local business in Valencia and you offer nutrition services.

You might be interested in reaching people interested in nutrition, personal care and fitness issues, right?

According to Facebook, in Valencia there are 130,000 people who have these interests .

Thanks to segmentation in Facebook Ads you can reach your target audience.

how to promote a business on facebook

This is a simple example.

In reality, it would be necessary to refine much more and above all, create a strategy that allows you to convert visitors into customers .

But you can already have an idea of ​​the potential that advertising on social networks can have to promote a business.

Plus, it’s a great tool for getting leads.

For that, you must have created your own funnel and have a powerful lead magnet .

Free consultations or reviews are widely used in local businesses .

Check out this ad.

Example Facebook ad local business

The lead magnet offers a free consultation and a gift of sunglasses.

Using “Last Days of Promotion” in the copy enhances urgency and prompts people to act.

If you don’t have time or you don’t know how to manage campaigns professionally, I recommend hiring a trafficker .

If you stay until the end of the article I will tell you a very powerful way to get potential customers .


2) Promote a Local Business on social media
Can it be sold on social networks?

The answer is yes.

The problem is that most people think that posting content is enough.

If you really want to get results, you need to have a strategy.

In this case, you should create a social media plan that is aligned with your business.

But the first thing is to understand how people use social networks .

Promote a local business on social media

People use them to consume fun, entertaining and educational content .

If you want to sell, you have to entertain.

For this, it is essential to create an editorial calendar of publications on social networks that is related to these three principles.

Amuse, entertain and educate.

Contents that I recommend you use:

Sweepstakes and contests.
Educational videos.
Collaborations with influencers.
Content for special dates: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.
Funny posts.
Remember, selling on Facebook , Instagram, it is possible. But always with strategy.

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3) Local SEO
If you want to promote a local business, you should bet on this web positioning technique.

The goal of Local SEO is to increase visibility based on a geographic area.

In short, it consists of appearing in the top positions of Google for specific locations.

This type of search would come into play here:

Keyword + in + geographic location.

For example:

Wedding photographer in Valencia.

Look at the following image.

Local SEO

If you search for that term in Google (avoiding the ads), what is the first thing that appears to you?

Correct, the Map of Google Maps and different web pages of those locations.

This is why having a fully optimized website is so important.


4) Website
It still amazes me how many companies do not have a website.

You have already seen the potential that Local SEO has for this type of business.

But not only for that, it is a matter of trust .

Also, if you are going to invest in Facebook , Google Ads or any type of channel, you will have to take them to a landing page.

Imagine that you want to hire a photographer in Valencia and you do that search and you see these two pages appear:

Page 1:


Page 2:


Which one inspires you the most confidence?

Which one do you think will take your photos in a more professional way?

I have no doubt, I would choose option 2.

That is why not just any type of page works, but one that is fully optimized.

If you need to make your website, I recommend hiring a wordpress web designer , you will see what difference.


5) Google Ads
One of the fastest ways to promote a local business and get new customers is to invest in advertising.

Going back to the previous example.

If you search “Wedding photographer in Valencia” the first thing you will see are the ads.

promote a photography business

You will be appearing before people who are really looking for your products.

This is the great potential of Google Ads.

Also, if you combine it with remarketing campaigns on Facebook you can create a very profitable system.


6) Influencer Marketing
You are probably thinking that influencer marketing is only for large companies.

You’re wrong.

There are different types of influencers. The celebrities, yes they are for large companies.

But micro-influencers can be ideal for promoting a local business.

The key is to know how to locate those that are really related to your target audience.

For example, imagine that you have a restaurant in Valencia and you want to make it known to more people.

The first thing I would do is go to Instagram and search for #Hashtag related to food and in Valencia.

Examples of interesting hashtags:

The next step would be to find people who are influencers.

It is very important that you use geolocated hashtags , because if your restaurant is in Valencia, it will be useless to hire one from Madrid.

And this is related to the last step.

Before reaching a collaboration agreement, request the Instagram statistics from the influencer.

statistics on instagram

In this way you will be able to know their demographic and geographic data and make a decision.

If your audience doesn’t match your target audience, you already know that collaboration may not work.


7) Email Marketing
Another thing that strikes me is the few businesses that take advantage of email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the techniques that allow you to obtain a greater ROI (return on investment).

To give you an idea, the email generates $ 38 for every $ 1 spent (Hubspot).

Pay attention to these statistics from Hubspot:

73% prefer communications with companies by email.
99% of consumers check their mail on a daily basis.
59% of the people surveyed affirm that emails influence their purchasing decisions.
Still wondering if email marketing is effective?

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8) Reviews
Do you care about the opinion of your customers?

Are you trying to get positive reviews for your business?

If you do not consider them important, after seeing this Brightlocal data it seems to me that you will see them with different eyes.

86% of consumers read reviews of local businesses.
Consumers typically read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a business.
57% of people will only use a business if it has 4 stars or higher.
Getting reviews is just as important as responding to them .

Because 89% of those surveyed said they also read the responses companies gave to reviews.

To see how relevant reviews are, just search for a local business on Google.

On the right, the tab will appear in Google My Business:

Google My Business tab

Notice how one of the things that stands out are the reviews of the web .

In addition, those of Facebook also appear.

I recommend you work on reviews of your business, but do not limit yourself only to those of Google and Facebook .

For example, if you have a restaurant, you will also have to pay attention to those of El Tenedor or Tripadvisor.


9) Webinars
You may think that a webinar is only used to sell digital products, info products, etc.

But not.

It can be a very effective technique for local businesses.

Imagine that you have a nutrition business in Valencia.

After the festive periods (especially Christmas and Summer) there are many people who seek to take care of their diet.

Don’t you think you could prepare a webinar on how to take care of your diet correctly after the holidays?

You only need four things:

A registration page with a copy that converts.
A platform for webinars. You can use YouTube and do it for FREE.
Advertise on Instagram or Facebook to fill your webinar.
An email marketing tool with a sequence of emails.
If you have these ingredients chart, I am sure that you will get new clients for your business.

Because at the end of the webinar, what you will do is give your solution to the problems of your target audience .

And the solution will be your product.

How to promote a small business offline
We have seen different ways to promote a local business on the internet, but the reality is that offline there are also very effective techniques .

Let’s see some of them.

1) Free trials
Free tests, appointments, samples or consultations are one of the oldest but best-performing techniques when it comes to getting clients.

What do you think dental clinics do?

They offer you a first consultation completely free of charge and then they quote you a series of recommendations.

Also, if you combine this with advertising on social media, you can get a considerable amount of potential customers.

Take a look at the following example.

how to promote a local business on facebook

Like an English academy.

In addition to using a lead magnet to assess your level of English, they can offer the first two classes for free.

In this way, people will know more closely what the value of the classes is.

And we are not going to fool ourselves, once they have given us value for free, we feel with a certain obligation to return the favor.

This is what is known as the principle of reciprocity .

2) Radio, television or local press
The good thing about using this type of offline media is that you will reach people who are within your geographical area.

Obviously, you will not have the same targeting power as is the case with internet advertising.

But it can be a good way to reach a wider audience.

In addition, the fact of appearing on radio, television or press will be something that gives your brand greater credibility.

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3) Merchandising or promotional gifts
Promotional gifts consist of giving potential customers a specific object.

The objective is simple.

If people use these gifts in their day to day, the company will have more visibility and greater brand recognition .

For this reason, objectives that are usually used on a daily basis are usually used, such as:

Book pins.
It is no coincidence that 7 out of 10 brands consider promotional gifts effective .

This strategy can not only be used to get new customers, but also to retain current ones.

It is a way to increase loyalty and fidelity.

Remember that getting a new customer costs more than retaining whom.


5) Discounts
It may be one of the oldest ways of promoting a business, but it is still effective.

People are attracted to discounts and especially if we set a deadline.

In this way we will be enhancing the urgency and, the fear of missing something makes us act faster .

You can use different types of discount, such as:

Discounts for frequency.
Discounts for volume of purchases.
Discounts for prompt payment.
Discounts for single payment.
Discounts if you bring a friend.
Seasonal discounts.
For example, “discounts if you bring a friend” are often a resource widely used by gyms.

In which if you bring a friend both him and you, you get the registration for free.

Other ways to promote a local business with little money
So far we have seen different ways of promoting an online business that require investing money.

But perhaps, due to your financial situation, you cannot allocate a large amount of budget.

So let’s look at other less expensive ways.

Now, if you really want to get results, you are going to have to invest money yes or yes.

1) Referral program
Word of mouth is and will continue to be one of the most effective sales methods.

The 86% of consumers say their closest friends influence purchase decisions (Socialbakers).

It’s not by chance.

When we have any questions about whether to buy something or not, we turn to our closest friends and family.

Have you considered having a referral program?

That is, have your own clients work for you.

Let them be, who (in exchange for an incentive) recommend your products and / or services.

If you reward your customers for every sale, they will try to promote your local business for free whenever they can.

Brought to the digital world, it is what is known as affiliate marketing .

2) Second-hand sales pages
Second-hand pages such as Wallapop, Vibbo, Wish or Facebook’s own Marketplace is a great option for buying and selling second-hand products.

Look at all the categories that Wallapop has.

Surely you sell something that is in one of these 20 product categories .


If you want to promote a local business for free, without a doubt this type of application can be quite interesting.

Also, even if they are platforms for second-hand products, you can include new products that have sales.

3) Discount coupon pages
Discount coupon companies like Groupon are still a good alternative for promoting a local business.

You have to understand this type of company as a way to make yourself known, to increase your visibility .

Just a few days ago a friend sent me the following Groupon promotion on WhatsApp.


He called him the discount they had and he did not hesitate to tell me «freak out what a discount»

Without that discount, he would not have noticed that company, he would not have bought the coupon and I would not have known about it either.

This is the function of this type of strategy.

Your lead magnet is to offer impressive discounts to attract customers to your business to later sell them products with a higher price.

If you have a local business and you want to get more clients, I recommend applying these techniques.


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