In a Country So Fond of Technology With More Mobiles Than People

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In a Country So Fond of Technology With More Mobiles Than People

More than half of Spaniards say that their economy allows them to indulge from time to time. And when it happens, four out of ten already do so through the internet, as Nielsen ‘s “Changing Consumer Prosperity” report concludes . Of course, it is a local online purchase, from a store that is located on Spanish soil. On the other hand, 21% declare that they do it in a foreign online store. In countries like India or Turkey, however, up to six out of ten consumers buy these products online. And it is that although the usual thing is that a premium product is purchased in the physical store (74% do so). The online channel is acquiring more and more weight with the impact that this entails.

Country So Fond of Technology With More Mobiles Than People

Premium purchase, by recommendation Given the predisposition of consumers to purchase products with added value, the truth is that the best “publicity” they could receive is the recommendation of family and friends. Four out of ten have tried a new Premium product thanks to its more intimate setting. TV or online advertising worked for 22% of consumers However, the research itself also works, as a third of consumers do, while 24% did it on impulse. Advertising, whether on China WhatsApp Number List television or online, worked for 22%. Likewise, for one in three, the important thing is that it offers something that no other on the market offers. On the other hand, what moves the least is the origin of the product, only 17%. What do we buy more Premium?

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So Fond of Technology With More Mobiles Than People

In a country so fond of technology, with more mobiles than people, it could not be otherwise that the product for which Spaniards are willing to make a greater economic effort is technology, as stated by 34%, which is He goes out of his way to get hold of the latest in mobiles, tablets or computers. Mass consumption also has a gourmet side that the consumer is willing to tackle. 32% say so. According to Ricardo Alcón, Nielsen’s NBD, “if we converted the shopping cart to Premium, in addition to good meat or fish, we would also include a first-rate alcoholic beverage and also food for pets, a fact to take into account if we observe that In Spain there are more households with a dog or cat in care (35%) than with small children -under 12 years old- (22%).

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