Last Year It Invested Some 9,000 Million Dollars in the United States

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Last Year It Invested Some 9,000 Million Dollars in the United States

Social networks in general are the means through which pedophiles contact in 70% of registered cases. With Instagram representing 32%, followed by Facebook (23%) and Snapchat (14%). Also, according to the report, the use of Instagram for this purpose has experienced a growth of 200% between. 2017 and 2018 and the main target of criminals are girls between 12 and 15 years old. An alarming situation that shows the failure of Facebook’s measures to combat this type of crime. Despite claiming to eliminate content related to nudity or exploitation of minors before being reported in 99.2% of cases. Google will spend $13 billion for new data centers in places like Ohio, Nebraska, Texas, Virginia and Nevada.

It Invested Some 9,000 Million Dollars in the United States

Last year it invested some 9,000 million dollars in the United States, which together with this year’s investment will further increase its presence in the country. In addition, he has explained that the economic effort will allow him to have centers in a total of 24 states. On the other hand, Pecha wanted to Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List highlight that, for the second year in a row, the company will grow faster outside the San Francisco Bay Area. Among other projects , Google has new data centers planned in Ohio, Nebraska, Texas, Virginia and Nevada, as well as expansions in Oklahoma and South Carolina. but the European printing sector continues to be a huge growth factor, with sales of 80 billion a year. “Anyone who jumps on the transformation process can grow tremendously,” says Dr. Michael Fries, CEO of Online printers .

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Some 9,000 Million Dollars in the United States

The group of companies is active internationally and is one of the three largest online printers in all of Europe. For years, the printing sector has been undergoing a process of transformation. in 2015 there were just over 110,000 companies. In the same period, employment figures fell by approx. a third, to 622,000 employees. However, sales remained relatively stable: for more than ten years, the European printing market has had a turnover of around 80 billion euros. “However, the sector is undergoing a sudden and disruptive change, which leaves no stone unturned,” notes Dr. Michael Fries, and clarifies: «Each company must question its own business model and orient it to the new demands of the market.

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