Nintendo Gains Empathy In Networks After User Story

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Nintendo Gains Empathy In Networks After User Story

In recent years, an industry that has taken Iran Email List on an important relevance is undoubtedly everything related to video games, according to their portal, by 2020, there were around 72.3 million people who consider Iran Email List themselves video gamers in Mexico, whether they are these in any of the available devices, that is why the gaming world can be understood as an environment where a user who plays video games feels comfortable; However, from an Iran Email List professional point of view, a gamer is a person who generates economic resources by playing video games, although fun and enjoyment is one of the key points of any video game fanatic.

There are gamers who live Iran Email List on the throne of video games, which generates empathy, affection, and loyalty to certain brands, this passion has been reflected in a comment posted on social networks, where a gamer shows the affection and importance of Iran Email List that immersion generates virtual worlds, which allow any user to be the hero and save the princess, run at high speeds on a dream track and also the possibility of being Iran Email List the villain and looking for a worthy rival, for this Twitter user, video games are more beyond fun and brands represent a fundamental part of his life.

The user Iran Email List of the social network Twitter, posted from his account a photograph of a Nintendo, along with an emotional message where he says: “Today is one year since I bought this DS and the truth is that it has me in love because Iran Email List it was like fulfill a dream”. After this message, he later recounted in a series of Tweets how it was the journey to get the console that he today considers an important piece of his life.

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The user tells how it was and what he feels Iran Email List about having fulfilled what he considers a dream when acquiring the console, and says: “The Nintendo DS is a console that I wanted for many years and never had the opportunity to have Iran Email List one until last year I came across this DSi by pure chance in a sales group in the area where I live ”.

In addition, he adds “I got home, I turned it on and it turned out to be black, so I had to make a super simple adjustment since I only had to disconnect and reconnect the battery and it was like new despite certain aesthetic details. from its previous owners ”.

Within the thread, some users Iran Email List demonstrated their empathy as a user under the name, which states: “I think that of the modern ones it may be the console that I miss the most … I started with the Fat by Nintendogs, now I have three furry ones and none of the DS, I think I did something wrong ”, which shows the great empathy that some Iran Email List users generate with a certain product, in this case with the Nintendo console.

To end the user closes with an Iran Email List comment where he expresses his favoritism and empathy with a brand product and says: And to end the thread I tell you that Iran Email List this small piece of white hardware has become one of my favorite video game systems of all time

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