Over the Last Few Weeks, the Main Mobile Manufacturers Have

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Over the Last Few Weeks, the Main Mobile Manufacturers Have

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The Last Few Weeks, the Main Mobile Manufacturers Have

In 2018, global spending on blockchain solutions was 1.5 billion, with growth of 88.7% expected for 2019. In addition, he believes that in 2022 it will be 12.4 billion. Specifically, 70% of spending for 2019 will be related Argentina WhatsApp Number List to IT and business services . The United States will be the country that contributes the most, with an expenditure of about 1,100 million dollars, while the second important region will be Western Europe with 674 million, followed by China with 319 million. If we divide by sectors, the financial sector will be the leader, surpassing 1,100 million . On the other hand, the banking industry will be the most invested in use cases such as cross-border settlements and payments, which will add up to 453 million dollars during 2019.

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Last Few Weeks, the Main Mobile Manufacturers Have

Over the last few weeks, the main mobile manufacturers have been the main protagonists. But their folding mobiles have been even more so. Samsung or Huawei have been some of those who have signed up to this new trend and, weeks later, it is LEGO who joins. The toy company has presented “LEGO Fold”, a folding book made with its famous blocks that it has shown to the public through its Twitter account. In a post, the brand presents a photograph with an aesthetic very similar to that of Samsung, with a black background and giving all the prominence to its product. Along with it, they publish a text in which they wink at the mobile world, describing the characteristics of the 5-inch book with a cover that unfolds to discover an 11-inch world of stories, “for endless creative play that never runs out of battery ”.

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