Perfumery Creates Dynamics For Singles

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Perfumery Creates Dynamics For Singles

Although there is a dilemma in the date on which the Bachelor’s Day is celebrated, since initially only in China it is celebrated every Norway Email List November 11 while for the rest of the world the date of celebration was February 13: however the trend From the Asian country it prevailed and that is why November 11 has been increasingly Norway Email List accepted as the official bachelor’s day,

Although in Asian countries this date is of the utmost importance in others such as Mexico, it is not so important; However, in social networks the dynamics for the singles day has been celebrated, launched by a perfumery, which has encouraged this date of celebration, launching a raffle, which Internet users have applauded and widely celebrated, giving rise to a great viral strategy within digital communities.

Perfumes Lydia Limón Norway Email List launched a raffle through Twitter to celebrate the 11-11 or World Singles Day, where it is asked to perform some steps to be able to participate for a prize consisting of a batch of products which will depend on each Norway Email List social network where it was given. know the raffle, although they mention within its legal section, that changes in the prize may be generated for similar products and costs.

The Twitter community celebrates the Norway Email List initiative that has quickly attracted the attention of single Internet users, where the participation of at least 100 people and a growing number of comments and shares are estimated. Most of the singles who have interacted with the publication, make an ironic mockery of their sentimental Norway Email List situation, alluding to the fact that being single should have something good.

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Dynamics for the singles day
From your account to know Norway Email List the dynamics of the raffle proposed by the perfumery, in celebration of the world singles day, with a Norway Email List post made on the social network Twitter where the perfumery says Hoy es 11 del 11, #SinglesDay or Singles Day, a day ideal to make this gift and there will be a chosen one.

The enough to participate are: Follow the Twitter account Norway Email List of Perfumes Lidia Limón and Re Twitter the post of the raffle. The draw will end on the 15th at 12 noon.

This day gets its name from double 11 in China, where single rates are alarming, so it is an important celebration that Norway Email List alludes to reducing stress in Chinese society. In Mexico, according to figures from the 2020 Population and Housing Census carried out by Norway Email List the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 34.2% of the population are single.

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