Showroom Rive and Confianza Online Have Collaborated to Carry

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Showroom Rive and Confianza Online Have Collaborated to Carry

But these were not the only proposals from Samsung, a brand that has made constant innovation its hallmark. His voice assistant, Bixby, presented its version in Spanish and announced the jump to. Its entire ecosystem of devices as a way to “facilitate our lives and our relationship with technology.” However, on the road to hypoconnectivity there are challenges. The main one is, for Hortigüela, cybersecurity. “It is very important. More and more everything is connected and we need it to be secure, especially in 5G. In this way, Samsung closes a round year in which it has signed several successes thanks to its QLED televisions, its Quick Drive washing machines and, of course, its mobile phones. “ It has been difficult, because no year is easy, with each release you risk it, but we are happy. In recent years the products have been very popular”.

Rive and Confianza Online Have Collaborated to Carry

Thus, they have discovered that the confidence of Spaniards in purchases over the Internet has increased. And it is that, in fact, 75.35% of the population declares to have bought more online than the previous year. Regarding the Canada WhatsApp Number List frequency of purchase, 38.17% of Spaniards buy online several times a month, followed by 35.77% who only buy several times a year. It is noteworthy that the majority of Spaniards (61.13%) shop throughout the year regardless of dates or special offers. While 29.30% do so when there are promotional campaigns such as Sales or Black Friday. In addition, the afternoon is the preferred time for 49.58% of those surveyed. When choosing the device from which to visit e-commerce, 68.73% prefer the computer , while 18.59% opt for the smartphone. With an average expenditure of between €50 and €100 on the ticket of 48.87% of the buyers surveyed.

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Confianza Online Have Collaborated to Carry

Also, what is most valued is getting the best price , highlighted by 69.01% of online shoppers asked, followed by free shipping costs (63.13%), the flexibility of electronic commerce (49.30% ) and the speed of product delivery (35.07%). On the other hand, when the online store also has a physical store, 32.39% of Spaniards look for the product in the physical store and then buy it online, while 25.92% only use the online store. This is enhanced by quality seals, such as Confianza online, valued by 60.42% of Spaniards. In fact, 28.87% say they give a lot of importance to this type of stamps and assure not to buy if it does not appear on a page. Incidents in online purchases are becoming less common, and, in fact, 73.38% of Spaniards declare that they have not had any in their online purchases in 2018.

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