Tec Ate Pal Norte Concludes And This Is What

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Tec Ate Pal Norte Concludes And This Is What

The Tecate Pa’l Norte festival has concluded and its 2021 edition, which it produced with a sanitary format in the midst of the contingency that Canada Email Address List still continues to dictate rules to the events industry. During its first day of activities, the Festival brought together groups and artists such as Foster the People, Foo Fighters, Juanes, Kinki, Mon Laferte, Ely Guerra, Don Patricio and special presentations such as El Recodo and Gloria Trevi. The second edition Canada Email Address List featured the outstanding participation of Lila Downs, Hello Seahorse, El Tri and Babasónicos.

The key in this year’s edition has been the collaboration Canada Email Address List with sponsors, who have helped brands once again lead this industry of live experiences, which they baptize with their logos. As part of this exercise, the activations that the companies carried out during the edition have become tasks that better integrate the consumer, such as dynamics to Canada Email Address List promote brands through social networks or hospitalities through which the experience was raised Ticket VIP at this festival.

Brands such as Viva Arobus, Bacardí or Hey carried out these actions with which the approach to concerts was provided from facilities that allow Canada Email Address List the event to be experienced from facilities where the value of the brand is communicated with amenities that trigger the experience. The concerts were held in various venues in Canada Email Address List such as the Fusion Telcel or the Kia Social Club, which became traditional measures in sponsorships.

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As part of the production of this edition, the activation of Viva Aerobus stood out, for the presentation of special guests such as Gloria Trevi or El Recodo. This ace up its sleeve was one of the surprise actions with which the events industry is Canada Email Address List guaranteeing attendance at its meetings, demonstrating a very important point, which is the value of talent in the execution of these concerts.

Carrying out health contingency events has been a tremendous challenge for the brands that have joined this exercise, which they have Canada Email Address List institutionalized through different editions. During Tecate Pa’lNorte, brands such as Kleenex joined this exercise of sanitary sponsorship, promoting the importance of face masks.

Health sponsorship Canada Email Address List is one of the most important activations that can be promoted in live events today and it is one of the activities that will have the most potential to carry out new tasks on the market. There are categories in which this exercise can be carried out. For example, a Statista study listed the top points that are valued by audiences when conducting live events.

The first of these was the exhaustive installation of sanitizing points for hands; second, to have the distribution of face masks and supervision of their permanent use. Another of the highly valued points was the installation of HEPA filters, to have the guarantee of spaces with clean air.

The realization of these events cannot be possible without the participation of tale yo, fundamental to be able to consolidate editions that stand out in a market that values ​​content authors who manage to be relevant and with a. Unique potential Canada Email Address List in face-to-face events. The winning formula today in live events is to have brands that become ideal spaces to bring audiences closer to talent. The strategy is made effective with proposals such as hospitality and health sponsorships

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