The advantages of Soft Plastic plus Glitter

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The advantages of Soft Plastic plus Glitter

Dark colors are also good to use around sunken areas.

3. Bright Color (Fluorescent)
Use bright colors when natural and dark colors fail to attract fish.

Examples of bright fluorescent colors are charteruse green, pink and orange.

This color will often be a savior when fish refuse to touch other SP colors.

Advantages of UV Color

The property of fluorescent colors is to reflect more light than it receives

It may sound absurd, but the fact is that our eyes Whatsapp Mobile Number List can only see a small part of the wide spectrum of light around us.

uv colored earrings
UV color in water
Fluorescent colors not only absorb colors in the visible spectrum, but also additional light that comes from energy invisible to the human eye, namely ultraviolet (UV) light.

That’s why this color looks so bright and striking!

And it is often effective in cloudy and gloomy weather conditions.

warna killer soft plastic

Some soft plastic lures have glitter added to the body.

Glitter is small colored particles in various shapes that reflect light from various angles.

Therefore it will cause the soft plastic lure to shine and sparkle, as if imitating fish scales.

warna killer soft plastic
Gold Rush color from Zman – one of the most productive colors in murky water conditions
The presence of gold-colored glitter will increase the effectiveness of soft plastic lures in water with a lot of sediment (turbid), especially in the early morning and late afternoon.

Cover Killer Soft Plastic Color Appears When Conditions Are Right
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The more you are comfortable with the presentation Youtube User of soft plastic , you will experiment with different types of colors.

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Perhaps, in an area, there will be a special color that fish like. But we need to first try to break the secret with a lot of trial and error.

However, it is hoped that this article will be a guide for you as a starting point before trying different types of soft plastic color combinations in the future.

If there are any mistakes in this article, please correct me in the column below. Together we learn from each other.

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