The Company Estimates a Period of 3 to 5 Years for Its Full Development

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The Company Estimates a Period of 3 to 5 Years for Its Full Development

Likewise, its community has gone from having. 47,000 followers in 2017 to 55,000, the number of “likes” has grown from. 57,000 to 187,000, and retweets have doubled from 30,000 to 66,000. Twitter analysis Total growth interactions 2018 by months In a short time, Instagram has managed to become the most used social network. And it already has more than 15 million users compared to 24 million on Facebook. In the youngest social network, Iberdrola has managed to achieve double growth compared to the previous year and achieves a growth with which it reaches almost 700,000 interactions per month.

Estimates a Period of 3 to 5 Years for Its Full Development

Despite having experienced a notable increase in the number of comments, recommendations and interactions, it is not among the main Ibex 35 companies with the greatest presence on this social network and remains seventh, behind companies such as Action, Telefónica, Ampere, BBVA, Melia, Respool and Banco Santander, which means that only within the energy sector, Iberdrola ranks first in presence Bahrain WhatsApp Number List within this platform. One of the great controversies and concerns that. Have arisen in the digital age revolves around the commercialization of user data. Although the solution is far from being a reality, some of the large companies in the market are already beginning to glimpse a future in which the user charges for the transfer of their data.

Period of 3 to 5 Years for Its Full Development

During his speech, the executive referred to. Data transactions as an exchange of value between people and as the new factor of production in the digital age. Thus, Álvarez-Pallete defended personal data as something intrinsic. To users, as well as their dignity and the reason why this transfer of value should be “explicit”. In this way, Telefónica is already looking to a future in which artificial intelligence and. 5G networks will be the norm. Regarding the first, he warned about the need for greater transparency in the. Use of this technology, which, although it has enormous advantages, also has threats. Finally, on the most important threats in the digital world, the president of Telefónica highlighted traffic fraud as one of the biggest problems that, today, represents 50% of traffic. Apple has launched the “There’s more to iPhone” advertising campaign in the UK and France .

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