The Connect Industrial Marketing Agency Is a Perfect Option

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The Connect Industrial Marketing Agency Is a Perfect Option

Belgium WhatsApp Number List. The results of the report show how the Valencian industry is still in the growth phase of digital transformation. With very recently created Marketing departments, with almost half of the workers in the sector with less than 2 years in their job.  However, success in digital transformation depends on the confluence of the Marketing and Sales departments . So that it becomes stronger in terms of positioning, visibility and content. This is especially important in the case of b2b Marketing. Since reaching potential customers cannot be achieved in the same way as in b2c and the customer portfolio depends more on . Good positioning and an updated website. Precisely, the report shows that the methodology for capturing commercial. Contacts and potential clients continues to be “analog” in most cases, that is, without the interference of new technologies.

Connect Industrial Marketing Agency Is a Perfect Option

Only 9% of companies have a recruitment strategy that is based on the Internet , a fundamental point in digital transformation processes. In this sense, SEO positioning, Inbound Marketing and the constant updating and adaptation of the web are essential for success. The web, especially in cases of online sales, is a priority in order to compete within the industry. Thus , industrial and b2b marketing must Belgium WhatsApp Number List  set up systems and strategies that put the web and content creation at the center of their actions. In addition, in terms of outsourcing tasks and functions, companies often hire external agencies for traditional promotional pieces, although the constant need to create their own content makes their hiring grow (currently by 24%). In the Valencian context, when it comes to trusting specialists in the matter.

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Industrial Marketing Agency Is a Perfect Option

The Connect Industrial Marketing agency is a perfect option. With more than 20 years of experience in the market and offering great results in matters of. Inbound Marketing and in the monitoring of actions to obtain results. The implementation of new methodologies to succeed in digital transformation. Digital transformation involves the creation and strategy of new methodologies within the Marketing and Sales departments. The success of digitization goes through the implementation of an industrial marketing that has the resources. Both human and financial, to accompany the company in this phase of growth. The room for improvement is very wide, since we are talking about a growing sector, where small actions for the sake of digitization will allow the company to compete.

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