The Main Reason for Choosing It Is That Users Have More Fun With It

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The Main Reason for Choosing It Is That Users Have More Fun With It

In four years Alexa could understand “how I feel and what I want”. On the other hand, from Amazon they seek to develop an application to assist. Elderly people who are alone for a long time or have mental illnesses. Being able to offer them a “more independent” life. ” She creates memory games and controls the type of medication she has to take. Likewise, the artificial intelligence system would notify the emergency. Service if it detected that the person had suffered a domestic accident. However, they don’t intend it to be a substitute for human companionship. But “there is great power in speaking out loud and. Alexa can be a help to a lot of people.” In addition, they are increasing the ability of the virtual assistant to become ” emotionally more intelligent “.

Main Reason for Choosing It Is That Users Have More Fun With It

The company’s forecasts indicate that in four years. Alexa would be “capable of understanding how I feel and what. I want and that she has more notion of the context in which. I am so that she behaves in one way at home and another in the car. or in the office. Currently, Alexa is capable of reading and responding to emails, playing music, and turning lights on and off using voice commands. Everything is inspired by the mythical computer of the Star Trek ship, using “machine learning” technology to Denmark WhatsApp Number List learn and operating its system in the cloud. In Spain, the same thing happens when comparing the mobile with the Smart TV. The smartphone, with 64% penetration, is the preferred device for checking news, compared to 23% for Smart TVs , as pointed out by the Digital News Report.es 2018 study.

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Choosing It Is That Users Have More Fun With It

On the other hand, as revealed by a recent study by Taboada , carried out in collaboration with a team of neuromarketing experts, the preferred experience of users to consult content is the infinite news feed. The main reason for choosing it is that users have more fun with it, over other options such as the desktop, since its use stimulates the brain better by secreting more dopamine. Taboada’s work also reveals that when it comes to content in video format , those who viewed it on mobile with a feed recorded 9.44% more positive emotion in their brain activity than users who viewed it on other devices . platforms. At the same time, it becomes clear that for media, the infinite scroll experience is especially beneficial on mobile .

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