The Platform Took an Important Step in Its Strategy

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The Platform Took an Important Step in Its Strategy

Perhaps the biggest statement from the launch campaign is that Samsung’s advertising for the . S10 isn’t afraid of the possibility of comparison with arch-rival Apple . The new flagship of the Korean manufacturer uses images that could also appear in a spot for iPhone. If you don’t see the embedded video correctly, click here . This is also shown by the expected sale price, between 899 and 1,149 euros. It is considerably cheaper than the 2,000 euros of the Galaxy Fold. But absolutely comparable to the prices of the current generation of iPhone. It is clear that not even Samsung expects a radical change in the smartphone market. Just as Samsung’s Galaxy Note phablet has a loyal but numerically limited fan base, the Fold will only find a limited number of buyers, at least in its first edition.

Platform Took an Important Step in Its Strategy

The big smartphone makers will continue to do real business with models based on Apple’s invented touchscreen design. For strategic reasons alone, Samsung relies on this market for all its innovative spirit. The company wants to establish its Bixby voice assistant as one of the leading global voice platforms. Although Samsung’s main focus is home appliance control and smart home networking, it’s still The Benin WhatsApp Number List Platform Took an Important Step in Its Strategy better to use smartphones to power up a voice assistant. Last January, Netflix announced a rise in the prices of its rates in the. United States and Latin America, of between 13% and 18%, which represented the largest increase in its history. The news, although notorious, did not harm the streaming service that obtained the favor of investors and, judging by its figures, continues to maintain that of its more than 140 million users.

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Took an Important Step in Its Strategy

The platform took an important step in its strategy that could be extended to other markets such as Spain in the coming months. However, this decision, if it occurs, does not seem to compromise their income. In fact, consumers are more afraid of advertising on the platform than its cost. The satisfaction of its subscribers is so high that at least half of them would be willing to continue paying for the service even if its prices increase. Breaking down the figures, 24% of the participants say they are willing to pay $1 more per month , while 10% would pay $2 more and 16% would pay $3.

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