Three ways to get the algorithms right when looking for a job

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Three ways to get the algorithms right when looking for a job

Looking for a job is a challenge Niger Email List for anyone, having a good resume is clearly a certain advantage, and if it is well written it is also an incentive; However, it is not always a matter of your experience or ability when it comes Niger Email List to finding a job, at least not when competing for a position where there are many more applications, in most of these cases, the first selection is common when it is made by a complex selection process.

Companies that have to deal with complex Niger Email List selection processes delegate responsibility to artificial intelligence systems, which are in charge of processing your resume and deciding the immediate future of your Niger Email List first application stage, the algorithm of this AI, occupies a type of predictive hiring software applying a series of predetermined and automatic criteria according to pre-established parameters for the nominated vacancy.

Companies use a Niger Email List system called, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) with which they delegate the responsibility of selecting and classifying candidates in the first stage, this ATS, is a system for tracking applicants, allowing the management Niger Email List of the needs that are They must comply to be recruited, with this tool all stages of the recruitment and selection process are optimized; however there are some ways Niger Email List to fool the AI ​​algorithms and pass that first filter in the best way.

Three Ways to Get Your Job Search Right
Use of keywords: It is essential to start Niger Email List with this topic since the selection algorithm categorizes the keywords within your application. Keep in mind that Niger Email List in general the keywords must be related to, skills, experience, results, and education, The system takes into account the words and characteristics to Niger Email List to generate a selection filter, the ruble of the vacancy must be taken into account since more specific needs searches can be used by the company.

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Quantifiable results: Being as specific as possible Niger Email List suggests a great advantage, do not give time to interpretation, research the company Niger Email List beforehand and seek to know what the levels of success they recognize are, break down the ideas into the largest number of tasks contemplating the objectives and responsibilities. Within this area, it is important to Niger Email List add the qualities that distinguish you from other possible candidates.

Make use of a simple format: Sometimes less is more, and this is one of them, verify that your format and the content of your application Niger Email List are simple, formal, elegant and that they contain the most vital of your skills and performance but above all Make it light and practical to read, with this method, for the company, your application will not become Niger Email List tedious or cumbersome when deciphering what your positive points are, take care of aesthetics, at this point minimalism can be a great option, Be as simple but Niger Email List direct as you can, and take into account that at least at this point the one that will read the document will be a program and you must make it digestible for reading.

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