Twitter strategies of users’ favorite brands

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Twitter strategies of users’ favorite brands

Social networks now dominate the market Mauritius Email Lists in practically every way, from commerce, content, consultations, leisure, and everything within the reach of a smartphone and creativity, companies have noticed and must keep up to date so as not to die in it. anonymity and the great monster highlighted by social networks and mobile Mauritius Email Lists applications in digital marketing. There are specific cases of how to encourage the growth of your company in the different options offered by the digital world, there are many applications for all times of content and all types of users, so we will see the particular case of brands using strategies on Twitter to its positioning in the market and the way to bring these examples to reality.

The social network, born in California in 2007, defines itself as a microblogging service, it is estimated that it currently has more than 3.030 million active users Mauritius Email Lists per month, reaching daily international connectivity figures of more than 290 million and 50 million only in the United States. It is one of the most used social networks in Mauritius Email Lists the world and one of the most famous, impacting here suggests a great reach to potential consumers.

Commonly the use of Twitter is summarized Mauritius Email Lists to tweet everything that is or happens, although to make an impact some Mauritius Email Lists strategies must be taken to have good use of Marketing on Twitter, such as: Thoroughly examine your account: If you open a new account, the process is simpler since it is possible Mauritius Email Lists to give you the right path for what is intended; However, if you already have an open account, it is necessary to do a thorough audit within the profile and contents, generate a balance of what has worked and what has not.

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Make use of the tools that Twitter provides: The social network has Mauritius Email Lists a simple tool where you are provided with a series of detailed statistics for each Tweet posted. Analyze the performance and use of hashtags, keep up to date with the impact generated by each Tweet, constantly monitor your audience.

Take care and give meaning to your content: Stay within a single tone when Mauritius Email Lists expressing yourself on Twitter, it is important to take care of freshness and the feeling of authenticity, since the latter is something that users constantly monitor, do not say all the trends, since Although they serve to increase traffic, the main thing must be to maintain the essence of the company.

Take care of your publication schedules: Although Tweets remain Mauritius Email Lists constantly within the social network, it is essential to take care of the schedule in which you intend to publish, according to data provided by Wiselytics, reports that the useful life of a Tweet is on average 24 minutes, for this is essential to know what time it  Mauritius Email Lists should be published to reach a greater impact to a larger audience. Although the highest activity occurs between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., the best time to Tweet is between 0:00 a.m. And 3:00 a. m. This last schedule is when the most follows, re-Tweets, mentions, and other interactions are registered.

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