Use Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps’ Training Habits to Supercharge Your Real Estate Investing

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Use Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps’ Training Habits to Supercharge Your Real Estate Investing

In his quest for a document 10 Olympic gold medals in swimming, Michael Phelps trains to win. After watching Michael Phelps’ training habitual, I realized that real property traders can utilize his strategies too.

The keys to Michael Phelps’ schooling are:

1. Prioritize the Day

Michael Phelps has every minute of his day scheduled. Not one 2nd is lost. Phelps is either swimming, eating, or resting. He constantly knows what he should do. One manner for us to be prepared to do what we have to do, is to upward Hungary Phone Number List thrust early and to devise our day. Make a listing of factors to do. Number the list with number one being the maximum critical item to accomplish nowadays. Then take your listing with you and take a look at off each object as it’s miles performed.

Elephantine quantities of meals are Michael Phelps’ gas. According to Phelps, for breakfast he eats, three Sandwiches of fried eggs, lettuce, tomato, cheese, fried onions, and mayo. One omelet, a bowl of grits, 3 slices of french toast with YouTube User powdered sugar, and washes that down with 3 chocolate chip pancakes. Phelps is going for quantity, not excellent. Our fuel is what we feed our mind and our spirit. Focus on real property books and also on books that inspire you to reap more heights.

2. Fuel for Work

I am currently reading “A New Earth” by way of Elkhart Tolled, a e book that evokes the thoughts to observe existence in a brand new manner. I like Tulle’s statement that we categorize the matters that manifest to us at some stage in the day as either “accurate” or “horrific”. Yet Tolled factors out the what we perceive as “horrific” can in reality result in see the interconnections of the universe, in other phrases, to peer the larger picture.

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Three. Focused Effort

Michael Phelps would not practice swimming all day long, he is going in spurts. Like Phelps, we need to commit distinct instances of the day to one-of-a-kind duties. For example, my day consists of:

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